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History of translation: "O Mussels," said the Carpenter, "You`ve had a pleasant run!"

One of the interesting orders which were performed at our agency was the recent translation of the project in the related topics of "Ecology" and "Zoology" into English. It was scientific work about mariculture distribution of the mussels in the White Sea. The Pacific blue mussel (Mytilus trossulus) and the Common mussel (Mytilus edulis): what kind of the type oppresses the other in the calm water areas and how challenging is the breeding of mussel plantations in the northern seas.

Ph. Linn
08 August, 2014

Mussel is the family of marine bivalve shellfish. Mussels are high-protein and low-calorie products; in addition mussels hardly contain carbohydrates. A special aquaculture approach called mariculture (or marine culture) is used in mussel breeding "in vitro". According to the text of the scientific work translated into English Mytilus edulis (common mussel) is the autochthonous type of mussel in the White Sea. However, the second type of mussel is Mytilus trossulus (Pacific blue mussel) also lives in the White Sea. This type has thinner shell which makes it near impossible to transport and further sell the shellfish.

It was essential to expose environmental distinctions between the two types of shellfish to prevent large "immigration" of fragile (and having both lower tastiness) Mytilus trossulus to the plantations along with mussel culture of higher value. The factors of salinity, surf, the factor of substrate and their influence on the expansion of the mariculture in the White Sea waters are alternately considered in the work translated into English.

Our English language translator who worked on this order holds a degree in biology. It allowed performing very detailed scientific translation where the knowledge of the specific terms was necessary ("apex of the area", "surf", "fucoids", "conchology characteristics", etc), compiling of the mini glossary for adequate and professional translation from Russian into English.

Mussel breeding in the northern seas is fairly often and profitable. However, at plantation formations of mariculture it is always necessary to make an assessment of the environmental conditions at first and inspect the water areas to minimize possible financial loss, as well as harming the environment and marine aquatic organisms.

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