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History of translation: Go to recruitment accept a bondage or Recruitment policy in China

Recently we translated compliance code for employees of one small Chinese company to Russian. Strict hierarchy and control here are pillars of internal labor policy of the Celestial Empires companies.

Ph. Linn
16 April, 2014

Several times we made translations for personnel departments of different companies, including small businesses and large international companies. We have translated set of documents Personnel department support on questions of labour law and HR records keeping, several dozens of position descriptions, management audit documents. Most commonly translation on Personnel topic belongs within language pair Russian-English, but we also have made translations on HR-topic from Turkish, Chinese and French languages.

Own interests and the future shall be built on the basis of the companys business ups-and-downs- is written in the first paragraph of the Rules for the companys employees, translated from Chinese to Russian in the Flarus Translation Company. Our translator from Chinese has made maximum efforts to convey all the shades of the documents style: from matter-of-fact official style to appearing colloquial phrases, intended, probably, to inform personnel on high-scale indignation of the authority (it is prohibited to leave and be out of a workplace without permission, talk without interruption (verbatim translation from Chinese chat), slack off).

As written in text of the Rules translated from Chinese, for labor achievements the company will present not only material but mental rewards. It is not specified in the Compliance code what mental rewards mean.

A penalty shall be charged for being late to work more than 3 times a month: a half day salary is usually collected for one lateness.

As in translation from Chinese to Russian Employment policies and procedures in the area of retail trade are concerned, major part of the text is dedicated to standards of conduct for salesmen in the store. It is interesting that a separate paragraph is dedicated to a place where a salesman shall stand when greeting a buyer: You should answer on customers questions standing before shop counter in order to accord a warm welcome.


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