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The days of Russian culture will be held in Madeira

The festival of Russian cinema will be held in Funchal in the island of Madeira from 29 April to 2 May. Apart from films, festival organizers offer a very rich program which will include an open multimedia lesson of the Russian language.

Philipp Konnov
09 April, 2014

The Russian-speaking diaspora is not so small in Portugal, it is therefore not surprising that the maintenance of native culture by local authorities is very important for those who come from Russia and those who come from other East European countries.

A festival of Russian cinema will be held in Funchal in the island of Madeira from 29 April to 2 May.

The idea of holding the festival has arisen in the mind of school management of MADEIRA Multilingual School and APEL.

Due to these schools it has been possible to carry out in Funchal various initiatives devoted to Russian culture and cultural figures. For example, there has been a presentation of the book about sojourn on the island of the Russian aristocracy written by journalists Jose and Siri Milhazes.

One of the significant points within that cross-cultural event to be mentioned is an open multimedia lesson of the Russian language. The role of the so-called teachers will be played by representatives of the large publishing house of educational literature - «The Russian language. Courses». Therefore even indigenous Portuguese will be able to acquaint themselves with basics of foreign and difficult speech for them from the first hands.

As a whole, based on the planned program of the festival, it is easy to note a bilateral contribution to an exchange of cultural values and traditions of Russia and Portugal. According to organizers, they want to lay the foundation for the development of an open dialogue between two countries, relying on younger generation.

The interesting moment of the festival will be a premiere of the performance based on A.P Chekhov`s work «About harm of tobacco» by the Experimental Theatre. There will be also a fair of creative works of Russian artists and folk craftsmen. Those who are not indifferent to books will be able to visit an exhibition and sale of educational literature of the Russian language.

The festival will be held in one of the most beautiful places of Funchal – the historical building of municipal theatre «Balthasar Dias» where the opening ceremony will take place.


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