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History of translation: Liar liar, pants on fire!

This month we completed a big translation project from Russian of a user manual and an operating instruction for the professional computer polygraph software. So how to run a lie detector test? It turns out, that lie detectors are common not only with the judicial investigations but also with recruitment, which is even reflected in the Labor law of Russian Federation.

Ph. Linn
28 July, 2014

The first known experience of using a similar technique for detecting lies belongs to a famous criminalist of the late XIX century, whose name was Cesare Lombroso. He described these experiments in his well-known works "Criminal man" (L`Uomo delinquente) and "Genius and madness" (Genio e follia), which were translated from Italian.

полиграф, детектор лжи, пальцы

A polygraph records the physiological data of a man, such as respiratory rhythm, blood pressure, pulse, electrodermal activity, body language and voice. Elimination of any of those characteristics makes the whole lie detector test invalid.

Polygraph tests become common for recruitment in commercial business: according to our translation from Russian, lie detector tests are very popular among the company security services. Although the article 70 of a Labor law of Russia says that a test could be "required to determine whether an employee fits the occupied position", it also says that the test and its results are legitimate only if the procedure is included in the labor agreement. Polygraph tests for employees are usual for commercial companies, individuals and government institutions.

Another amazing fact is that we translated this manual to Kazakh language. We must admit that Russian to Kazakh translations are not very frequent in our practice and that they are usually quite small, such as labels. Yet we are very glad to notice the increase in topics for Russian to Kazakh translations as well as the increase in orders for this type of translations.


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Внимание, снято: Викторина по кинотерминам

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