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History of Translations: Game Theory and Its Application

Recently we have translated from English a voluminous work on applied mathematics related to the game theory. The game theory is a mathematical method of research and study of optimal strategies in games. However, the game theory methods find use in various spheres of knowledge, from economy to political science.

Елена Рябцева
15 November, 2013

A great contribution to the game theory was made by John Nash, Nobel laureate in economy. Nash equilibrium was named after him; this is the situation when all participants either win or lose. This method of analysis is also applied to the so-called "Two bandits" (or "Prisoner`s dilemma") game, where it is supposed that the gamer increases his gain if he does not care about the benefit of the others.

The brief description of the Prisoner`s dilemma is as follows: two criminals are caught and suspected of committing the same crime, but the police do not have substantial evidences against them. Then the investigator offers the bandits a deal: if one of the suspects gives evidence against the other one, and the other one remains silent, then the first one is freed and the second one gets 10 years in prison. The same happens if the second one gives evidence against the first one, while the first one rejects to give evidence. In case both bandits remain silent, each of them gets half a year in prison. And if both prisoners confess the crime, they get 2 years in prison each.

According to the game theory, regardless of whether the bandits are isolated from each other or have an opportunity to come to an agreement in advance about their actions, the strategy to "give evidence" dominates over the strategy to "remain silent". I.e. the gamers do not always cooperate with each other even when it is in their interests.

In the voluminous work translated from English parallels are drawn between the strategies of the game theory and the politics, particularly wars in Yugoslavia, as well as the game theory methods find use in business relations.

There are translators in our agency whose main specialty is mathematics and adjacent disciplines. We have translated from Chinese an article on Laplacian spectrum of directed graphs and Fidler concept about algebraic connectivity of simple graphs; from English was translated a work on mathematical simulation of interactions of ocean waves and icebergs, as well as scientific article "Integral square properties".


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