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If graffiti changed anything - it would be illegal

The competitions for best graffities are held. For example, there are competitions with the depictions of the classic authors’ portraits on the territory of "Flacon" factory in Moscow or it is allowed tourists to draw on the Great Wall of China. Meanwhile, there are the organizations that don`t share the ideas of such type of art as painting on the walls, especially when it is referred to graffiti in the subway train carriages, on the billboards and road signs, as well as on the roofs of the stadiums.

Филипп К.
08 September, 2014

We have translated from German the presentation of innovative agent for covering different surfaces: lacquer metal surfaces (train carriage, busses, metal rows of shopping stalls, etc), films (road signs, billboards), plastic materials (switch boards and distribution cabinets, bus stops, shop windows), and technical textile (the roofs of the stadiums). This agent is designed for surface protection as it aggravates application of "bad" paints, highlighters and air brushes. On top of that the agent simplifies surface cleaning.

As it is written in advertising text that was translated from German to Russian language in our translation agency the graffiti problem is very serious one, especially if aggressive lacquers or paints with addition of corrosive hydraulic fluids are used. Subsequently, our chemistry education specialist came down to translation as the part of the translation represented material safety data sheet translation to Russian. The main component of the agent is Polysilazan. It is a silicon containing polymer which is used in the production of lacquers with high bonding properties for different surfaces. "Chemistry and engineering chemistry" Russian-German dictionary was a special assistance for the translator.

A lot of people treat graffiti as an act of vandalism. For instance, there is special purpose anti-writers police unit in New York. People may get a commission for information about street artists and their works in this police unit. It is not surprise that some artists prefer to be anonymous. For example, no one ever seen British famous street artist Banksy. He is famous for his political and antiwar graffities. Many connoisseurs of art approve his works and earn big sums of money at the exhibitions of his works, while city authorities consider his works as act of vandalism and destruction of private property. That is why Banksy’s street graffities are washed or brushed.

Thus, there is no consensus whether graffiti is art or not (graffities were found in Pompey and the Catacombs). Consequently, there are both the sales of balloon spray paints (we also cooperate with a client who deals with the matter) as well as the sale of special agents for "anti-graffiti" coating (for example, the agent the usage instruction for which we have translated from German language recently).

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Google начал переводить надписи на иврите с изображений 8182

Функция доступна для пользователей приложения Google Translate для смартфонов.

Викторина по непереводимым терминам

Каждый третий участник получит по почте сувенир от нашего бюро переводов.

History of translation: Mini excavators – small-size machinery with great capabilities 1463

Construction and industrial technologies are a frequent subject of our translations: we translate operations manuals for various construction machinery (excavator-loaders, mini loaders, crushers etc.), as well as construction machinery and additional attached implements catalogs within the specificity of road building equipment for earthworks.

The festival of Russian literature SLOVO is held in London 1035

The festival of Russian literature was opened in the British capital London on March 8. This event has been organized for the 5th time and this year it will bring together 12 Russian writers and two dozen events which will be held on the most prestigious literary platforms of London.

History of translation: Insurance 1035

Insurance – is special type of economic relationships intended to provide insurance protection of people and their fairs from different dangers. Insurance translations hold a specific place among all other translations.

History of Chinese clan corporations 1216

Our agency performed multiple translations on Chinese history and politics. Recently we completed a huge translation of an article about corporations in Ancient China.

A Calendar of Russian and Chinese Popular Beliefs 1199

For a company dealing with medicine and chemistry, we have translated, into Chinese, a calendar of popular beliefs and superstitions. The issue of the Calendar was intended to mark the coming of the New Year. Along with traditional Russian and Chinese beliefs, it also contained “modern” superstitions connected with cars and computers.

Translation services in sport 986

Horseracing, fighting, trampoline tumbling, ping pong, field hockey — we have made translations on these subjects in our agency so far. Those sports events are among 65 competitions, which are running this summer in London during the XXX Summer Olympic Games after all.

History of translation: "O Mussels," said the Carpenter, "You`ve had a pleasant run!" 888

One of the interesting orders which were performed at our agency was the recent translation of the project in the related topics of "Ecology" and "Zoology" into English. It was scientific work about mariculture distribution of the mussels in the White Sea. The Pacific blue mussel (Mytilus trossulus) and the Common mussel (Mytilus edulis): what kind of the type oppresses the other in the calm water areas and how challenging is the breeding of mussel plantations in the northern seas.

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History of translation: "Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle, I want to ride my bicycle"

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