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History of translation: Three combinations of Yin and Yang in a mushroom grown from a caterpillar

Cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom growing up from a сaterpillar bulk at a height of 3,000-5,000 m above sea level. It occurs more often in the Tibetan Plateau. Therefore, not surprising that it is with the Chinese language we have translated the extensive direction for use this "Chinese caterpillar mushroom", considered to be an aphrodisiac, tonic, rejuvenator and antiswelling agent.

Ph. Linn
08 October, 2014

In accordance with the translation from Chinese, realized in our translation agency, only mountain cordyceps has a medicinal value, which growing at a height of 3,000-5,000 m above sea level, because there is frosty, snowy and almost no oxygen.

A process of growth of the cordyceps is very peculiar. A papillon larvae is titled a "bat" buried in the ground for the winter, and a part of it got a mushroom spores there. Infected papillon larvae tried to creep out from ground, but they die in a few inches off the ground surface. After that fully functional mycelium hyphae develop in the larva bulk, filling the whole carcass of the crumbled insect. Mushroom "grasses" grown out from the larva of the "bat" as summer sets in. That is why one of the cordyceps names is translated from Chinese as "a winter larva and a summer grass".

The Chinese medicine based on the concept of "Yin and Yang": winter is Yin and summer is Yang, ground is Yin and the blue is Yang, plants is Yin and animals is Yang. A process of growth of the cordyceps consists of three combinations Yin and Yang at once. Ginseng, unossified antlers (deer horns) and cordyceps actually, which extensive direction for use as medicinal product was recently translated by a medicinal translator from our translation agency, are translated to Russian as "Three treasures of Chinese".

Stimulating effect (aphrodisiac) is the main feature of the cordyceps (it also can be translated from Chinese as "the King of medicines" or "soft gold"). But, in accordance to translated instruction, this unique mushroom parasitic upon insect improve human immunity also, assists in the prevention of respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, rejuvenate the skin and grapple with various types of swelling.

In ancient China, only the emperor had access to the cordyceps, but now, as we seen, the extensive directions for use this medicinal product of Chinese ethnoscience are actively translated to a foreign languages and involved to all countries of the world.

Professional translators of the Flarus translation agency often receive orders for translation from Chinese manufacturing and application instructions of various nutritional supplements, for example shark liver or cartilage capsules or the cordyceps liquid solution etc.

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