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Shanghai Steps Up Efforts To Save Local Language

In the 1990s speaking Shanghainese was looked down upon and banned in schools in favor of standard Mandarin. Starting this week, the Shanghai government begins work with Chinese linguists to build and preserve a database of the city’s local language.

The team is picking out “pure” speakers of Shanghainese to impart local legends, chat about traditions and even sing local operas, all on tape so that future generations will have a record of the language, reports to Xinhua.

The two-year project, the third attempt in the city, is part of a larger project across China to preserve as many local dialects as possible as the country’s linguistic diversity declines.

Similar initiatives have already been completed in Jiangsu and Yunnan provinces. Yunnan is home to 25 ethnic groups other than Han Chinese, each with their own language. China has more than 80 languages and an unaccounted number of local dialects.

The Shanghai government will set up 12 stations around the city to collect Shanghainese, said Li Yuming, a senior official with the Ministry of Education.


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Разработано новое приложение для Android и iPhone, выполняющее перевод в режиме реального времени 6614

Компания Quest Visual (США) представила приложение WordLens для Android и iPhone, способное переводить различные фразы на четыре языка в режиме реального времени.

Викторина по непереводимым терминам

Каждый третий участник получит по почте сувенир от нашего бюро переводов.

About Korean language editors’ services 465

When you set the target to find a translator or editor of Korean language – you’ll encounter enormous mass of translators in an English-Korean, Spanish-Korean pair, but you’ll almost don’t find translators in the Russian – Korean pair.

Japanese language 665

In process of the translations it needs to remember that in the Japanese language the booky way of speaking and conversational speech are clearly distinguished, the various functional styles are distinguished, graduation of speech in order of politeness is developed, there are colloquialisms and jargons.

History of translation: “Go to recruitment – accept a bondage” or Recruitment policy in China 1232

Recently we translated compliance code for employees of one small Chinese company to Russian. Strict hierarchy and control – here are pillars of internal labor policy of the Celestial Empire’s companies.

History of Chinese clan corporations 1216

Our agency performed multiple translations on Chinese history and politics. Recently we completed a huge translation of an article about corporations in Ancient China.

A Calendar of Russian and Chinese Popular Beliefs 1199

For a company dealing with medicine and chemistry, we have translated, into Chinese, a calendar of popular beliefs and superstitions. The issue of the Calendar was intended to mark the coming of the New Year. Along with traditional Russian and Chinese beliefs, it also contained “modern” superstitions connected with cars and computers.

History of translation: Three combinations of Yin and Yang in a mushroom grown from a caterpillar 1313

Cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom growing up from a сaterpillar bulk at a height of 3,000-5,000 m above sea level. It occurs more often in the Tibetan Plateau. Therefore, not surprising that it is with the Chinese language we have translated the extensive direction for use this "Chinese caterpillar mushroom", considered to be an aphrodisiac, tonic, rejuvenator and antiswelling agent.

History of Translations: Game Theory and Its Application 1556

Recently we have translated from English a voluminous work on applied mathematics related to the game theory. The game theory is a mathematical method of research and study of optimal strategies in games. However, the game theory methods find use in various spheres of knowledge, from economy to political science.

В 2012 году Международный день родного языка посвящен многоязычию в интересах инклюзивного образования 1451

В этом году празднование Международного дня родного языка, учрежденного ЮНЕСКО, посвящено многоязычию в интересах инклюзивного образования, говорится на сайте организации.

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