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Wonderful world of medications and the irony of side effects

Each medicine label has a section called “Side effects”, which is the most exciting reading stuff. However, if you really intend to take those pills you better skip that part.

Ph. Linn
21 May, 2014

Recently we completed translation of a sleeping medicine leaflet. As usual, the side effects list was completely gorgeous and amazing in its paradox. It contains following positions: anxiety, excitement, aggression, irritation, and change in behavior. Not bad for a simple sedative, huh?

Actually, this is quite typical for the industry. The most fascinating amusement in medical translations, especially its pharmaceutical branch, is comparing the targeted conditions of the remedy to its side effects. In our opinion, you could call the medication flawless if these lists match less than with a 60% agreement, though commonly this value is bigger. So please do not be surprised when you feel colic in your upper abdomen after taking a pill for your stomach. Indeed, the leaflet puts it in black and white, that this could be a likely side effect.

Nothing could be worse than reading this section before taking the medicine. This is just a perfect way to experience most of the symptoms in the list. We strongly recommend you to check out the proposed indications, take the pill and just get better!


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Медицинская викторина

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