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Wonderful world of medications and the irony of side effects

Each medicine label has a section called “Side effects”, which is the most exciting reading stuff. However, if you really intend to take those pills you better skip that part.

Ph. Linn
21 May, 2014

Recently we completed translation of a sleeping medicine leaflet. As usual, the side effects list was completely gorgeous and amazing in its paradox. It contains following positions: anxiety, excitement, aggression, irritation, and change in behavior. Not bad for a simple sedative, huh?

Actually, this is quite typical for the industry. The most fascinating amusement in medical translations, especially its pharmaceutical branch, is comparing the targeted conditions of the remedy to its side effects. In our opinion, you could call the medication flawless if these lists match less than with a 60% agreement, though commonly this value is bigger. So please do not be surprised when you feel colic in your upper abdomen after taking a pill for your stomach. Indeed, the leaflet puts it in black and white, that this could be a likely side effect.

Nothing could be worse than reading this section before taking the medicine. This is just a perfect way to experience most of the symptoms in the list. We strongly recommend you to check out the proposed indications, take the pill and just get better!


Сколько названий снега в эскимосском языке

Сегодня отмечают Всемирный день снега. Для многих снег ассоциируется с детством, весельем и радостью. Это – удивительное красивое зрелище – неслышно падающие снежинки, каждая из которых так неповторима. А знаете сколько названий снега у эскимосов? По некоторым источникам - двести.

History of translation: "Three Little Pigs" with a Spanish Flavor

It`s not a secret pupils and students often contact our agency to get support in translating their researches, theses or simply home assignment. Thus, we have recently translated in Spanish the tale "Three Little Pigs." What problems faced the Spanish native speaker translating this folklore text?

History of translation: Mini excavators – small-size machinery with great capabilities

Construction and industrial technologies are a frequent subject of our translations: we translate operations manuals for various construction machinery (excavator-loaders, mini loaders, crushers etc.), as well as construction machinery and additional attached implements catalogs within the specificity of road building equipment for earthworks.

"Музыкальная" викторина

Примите участие в нашей викторине!
Каждый третий участник получит по почте сувенир от нашего бюро переводов.

History of translation: Marriage contract

We have recently translated draft marriage contract to German. What do marriage partners wait from each other if their marriage becomes wrong?

History of translation: Bienvenido, or Welcome to Spain

The “Russian boom” in the Spanish real estate market has been on the rise for several years already. As soon as real estate prices in Spain dropped during the decline, the British left Spain; however, the country became more and more frequently visited by the Russians.

History of translation: Insurance

Insurance – is special type of economic relationships intended to provide insurance protection of people and their fairs from different dangers. Insurance translations hold a specific place among all other translations.

History of translation: “Go to recruitment – accept a bondage” or Recruitment policy in China

Recently we translated compliance code for employees of one small Chinese company to Russian. Strict hierarchy and control – here are pillars of internal labor policy of the Celestial Empire’s companies.

The story of translations, which many have not heard of

Prosthesis as a kind of medical care involves partial or complete filling of form and function of the organ affected by the injury or illness. In our bureau, we have translated from English a large scope of texts about open prosthetics – hearing aid.

History of translation: "O Mussels," said the Carpenter, "You`ve had a pleasant run!"

One of the interesting orders which were performed at our agency was the recent translation of the project in the related topics of "Ecology" and "Zoology" into English. It was scientific work about mariculture distribution of the mussels in the White Sea. The Pacific blue mussel (Mytilus trossulus) and the Common mussel (Mytilus edulis): what kind of the type oppresses the other in the calm water areas and how challenging is the breeding of mussel plantations in the northern seas.

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History of translation: "Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle, I want to ride my bicycle"

History of translation: Tell me what your brands are and I will tell you who you are

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