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History of translation: Insurance

Insurance – is special type of economic relationships intended to provide insurance protection of people and their fairs from different dangers. Insurance translations hold a specific place among all other translations.

Филипп К.
08 April, 2014

Recently orders on “Insurance” topic come not so often, but, without limitation, our long-term customers are two large companies: the first – specialized high-value commodity traffic organization, the second –a company rendering freight forwarding services to domestic and foreign enterprises. These two companies insure cargo – during its carriage, storekeeping and displaying.

Cargo insurance along with vehicle insurance pertains to property insurance and directly connected with logistics. Specific and financial risks shall be insured by insurance companies, which includes international insurance brokers.

Translation of personal insurance documents is especially popular – all types of insurance connected with possible events in a person’s life. We translate insurance certificates, different insurance polices. For example, several times our company made a translation of medical insurance policy or so-called “insurance” from English.

There is a lot of examples of insurance contract translations is deposited in our archives, which our translators use as templates; examples of translation of objects insurance policy and risk coverage policy to English; articles on insurance activities, insurance contracts, obligations for title insurance etc.


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Англо-русский глоссарий на нашем сайте дополнен терминами по энергетике 2073

В нашем глоссарии появился новый раздел с большим количеством терминов по общей энергетике и их эквивалентами на английском языке.

Викторина по непереводимым терминам

Каждый третий участник получит по почте сувенир от нашего бюро переводов.

Translation of offshore documents 282

The Flarus language services provider collaborates with several law companies providing the offshore companies` registration services.

Medical translation 701

Why can medical translations rates be higher than common translations rates?

History of translation: Mini excavators – small-size machinery with great capabilities 1461

Construction and industrial technologies are a frequent subject of our translations: we translate operations manuals for various construction machinery (excavator-loaders, mini loaders, crushers etc.), as well as construction machinery and additional attached implements catalogs within the specificity of road building equipment for earthworks.

History of translation: Marriage contract 993

We have recently translated draft marriage contract to German. What do marriage partners wait from each other if their marriage becomes wrong?

History of translation: Bienvenido, or Welcome to Spain 1171

The “Russian boom” in the Spanish real estate market has been on the rise for several years already. As soon as real estate prices in Spain dropped during the decline, the British left Spain; however, the country became more and more frequently visited by the Russians.

History of Translation: The Sports Footwear Magazine 1135

It is not for the first time that we translate articles for a sneakers & tennis shoes magazine. The magazine is fully dedicated to sports footwear, its history and development, fashion trends, and various events and persons, which are connected, in one way or other, with the “sneaker culture” (where “sneakers” means sports shoes of a kind).

A Calendar of Russian and Chinese Popular Beliefs 1199

For a company dealing with medicine and chemistry, we have translated, into Chinese, a calendar of popular beliefs and superstitions. The issue of the Calendar was intended to mark the coming of the New Year. Along with traditional Russian and Chinese beliefs, it also contained “modern” superstitions connected with cars and computers.

Wonderful world of medications and the irony of side effects 946

Each medicine label has a section called “Side effects”, which is the most exciting reading stuff. However, if you really intend to take those pills you better skip that part.

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