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History of translation: Spanish cinema recovers from being "unconscious"

One month ago our agency started working on a big and exciting project — a translation of six full movie scripts from Spanish. You can always tell a Spanish movie from any other by its particular weirdness, marked by several specific features. They run like a common thread through various scripts of road movies, sitcoms and TV-shows, translated to Russian by our specialists.

Ph. Linn
02 July, 2014

According to Wikipedia, "Spanish cinema has not achieved high marks worldwide." There is a belief that if this trend persists, an actual crisis of Spanish cinema can break out. However, after receiving the Spanish scripts from our client, we would like to declare that in times of global monopolization in the movie industry, the Cinema of Spain has yet a strong chance to survive.

First thing that catches the eye is the huge variety of genres of potential films. Here you can find a road movie about three forty-year-old friend women who decided to go off on a journey; there is also a sitcom (situation comedy) about magical transmigration of souls from one body to another as well as multi-episode TV-shows, mostly romantic comedies or dramedies. Unique Spanish sense of humor (as well as the special secret mystery horror, which is typical for Spanish literature and cinema), plenty of love scenes, adventures and intrigues, as if they came from the pages of Sigmund Freud’s writings — all those features are the pillars of the scripts, that were professionally and artistically translated by a special group of our Spanish translators.

Today, when you hear about Spanish cinema, you probably recall such titles as “An Andalusian dog” by Luis Buñuel or something more actual like “The sea inside” (Mar adentro, 2004), “Unconscious” (Inconscientes, 2004), “Pan’s labyrinth” (El laberinto del fauno, 2006), or “The skin I live in” (La piel que habito, 2011). Well, in the near future you will have a chance to watch some more Spanish movies, because (we can assure you) Spanish scripts are being written and translated in search for investors and producers all over the world.

As for us, Flarus translation agency can provide you with high-quality professional artistic translations from Spanish to Russian, as we have dozens of similar translations on this topic and language in our archives: our team with a specialist area in the literary translations performs translations of synopsis, scripts, poems, stories and novels on a regular basis.


Слово руководителя бюро переводов "Flarus". Итоги 2010 года.

Итоги ушедшего года и немного статистики.

Story of a Translation: Translating a Book is the First Step to World Recognition

If you wrote a book and would like to publish it abroad, the first thing you will need to do is translate it into another language. A good translation may be a steppingstone to your future success.

Викторина по буквальному переводу

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The festival of Russian literature SLOVO is held in London

The festival of Russian literature was opened in the British capital London on March 8. This event has been organized for the 5th time and this year it will bring together 12 Russian writers and two dozen events which will be held on the most prestigious literary platforms of London.

History of translation: Insurance

Insurance – is special type of economic relationships intended to provide insurance protection of people and their fairs from different dangers. Insurance translations hold a specific place among all other translations.

Wonderful world of medications and the irony of side effects

Each medicine label has a section called “Side effects”, which is the most exciting reading stuff. However, if you really intend to take those pills you better skip that part.

The story of translations, which many have not heard of

Prosthesis as a kind of medical care involves partial or complete filling of form and function of the organ affected by the injury or illness. In our bureau, we have translated from English a large scope of texts about open prosthetics – hearing aid.

A Bark is Local, but the Cat Speaks Just One Meow

Spanish Is The Fastest Spoken Language

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