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History of translation: "Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle, I want to ride my bicycle"

How many people know the electric bicycle, or electrobicycle? The idea of equipping a bicycle with a motor went a little later the invention of a bicycle. Recently we translated from French some instructions for the famous European brand of carmakers. Thanks to our translation, we hope to find more cyclists in Russian cities. Bicycles with electric motor help everybody, even people without physical fitness, to run long distances.

Филипп К.
02 September, 2014

We translate the service manual of the bicycle with electric motor from French. The electric bicycle is the plain bicycle equipped with electric motor, which helps to cycle and take a part of stress the cyclist is exposed. Thanks to electric assistant user gets a higher power with less activity. Electric motor activates only when the cyclist spins pedals.

European bicycle maker, which has dozen brands including Peugeot, enters Russian market. It requires Russian translations of all instructions and descriptions of electric bicycle components.

Electric bicycles in Europe are complying with the requirements of standard EN 15194 (EPAC), according to which this system has the speed limit 25 km/h, so driving license is not needed for powerbike. It is especially important in Russia, because of the law "The road-traffic safety", according to which it requires a license to drive a motor cycle and scooter. However, there is nothing about bicycles in this law. It has opened the way to manufactures from Europe and China, which call for help in our translation agency.

Summer and autumn are the best time to riding bicycle. Our government (especially in Saint Petersburg and Moscow) develops this idea actively. They adopt the experience of European countries, because it helps to reduce air pollution, and parking space and requirements. It keeps us happy like responsible citizens, who worries about the environment, not only because we make qualified translations.

In Moscow there are 28 charging sets for electric cars, it plans to find places and install another 80 sets. We believe that electric bicycles will have the same future.

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