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Queens Council On Arts Offers New Literary Translation Award

Queens Council on the Arts is now accepting submissions for the first annual Queens in Love with Literature Translation Award for a full-length book of poetry or a novella. The winner will receive a sum of money in support of the completion of the translated work and Queens Council on the Arts will help the winner find a press interested in publishing the translation. The QUILL Translation Award is funded by the New York State Council on the Arts.

Translations may be from any language into English and the work submitted must be a current work in progress, to be completed within one year of receipt of the award.

Preference will be given to works that have not been previously translated. Previously translated works will be considered, but applicants should include an explanation for why they are proposing a new translation.


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Text review 861

Text review systems are an integral part of modern scientific and academic publications. They provide mechanisms for evaluating and critically analyzing written work before publication. Let`s consider the basic principles of text review systems.

"Итальянская" лингвовикторина

Каждый третий участник получит по почте сувенир от нашего бюро переводов.

Scientific style of translation or editing 1937

Characteristic features of scientific translation are accuracy, brevity, consistency, and logical sequence of utterance and objectivity of presentation. All these features are formed by appropriate choice of vocabulary and syntax. The main function of the documents is information message and proof of its truth.

World Bibliography Of Translation 2752

The "Index Translationum" is a list of books translated in the world, i.e. an international bibliography of translations.

Helen and Kurt Wolff Translation Prize Awarded To German-English Translator 2802

The annual Helen and Kurt Wolff Translator's Prize is awarded each spring to honor an outstanding literary translation from German into English published in the USA the previous year.

Translation Agreement Between China And Iran Has Been Signed 2263

Iran and China have signed a cultural agreement for the translation of the classic and modern works of Chinese literature into Persian and vice-versa.

The Best Translated Book Award 2011 2339

The Best Translated Book Award, or BTBA, is organized by Three Percent at the University of Rochester.

Japanese Translation Software Showcased At The University Of Ulster's Magee Campus 2943

Academics at the University of Ulster's Magee campus (Northern Ireland) had an opportunity to get a first-hand account of the challenges involved in 'machine translation' (MT) from one of world's leading experts in the field, Professor Katsuyuki Shibata from Japan.

Amendment Removes Ban On Driver’s Test Interpreters (USA) 2280

Multi-Volume Dictionary On The History Of Common English Words 2365

A University of Minnesota professor is trying to beat the clock to finish his masterwork: A dictionary of the origins of some of the most misunderstood words in English.

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Seoul To Combat Translation Errors

Translation Errors Found In The EU-Korea Free Trade Pact “Might Be Intentional”

Shrove Tuesday

China Novelists Overcoming Translation Issues

Brunei’s Language And Literature Bureau In Need Of More Translators

"Bloggable" And "Scareware" Added To Oxford Dictionary

Is 2011 The Year Of Voice?

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