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Proofreading of English text

If you often publish in English-language publications, then you probably always try to maximize the quality of the English language in your articles. This publication is based on a review from one of our clients who used the proofreading service by a native English speaker.

Philipp Konnov
22 November, 2023

Most of the customers of our agency`s services know English well, many even live in English-speaking countries or graduated from university there. But without being a native English speaker, it is impossible to achieve a natural-sounding text without a "Russian accent".

We are talking about linguistic proofreading. To get a good result, the text must be well-structured, understandable, with the correct terminology. It is naive to expect a proofreader to rewrite a poor written article for you.


Our proofreading service includes more than just proofreading, we will also provide tips and suggestions that may be relevant to your article. Throughout the proofreading process, our editors will be in constant contact.


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Лингвистическая помощь: Как правильно - абьюз или абъюз? 7095

Несмотря на то, что этого слова пока в словарях нет, ответ однозначный: его следует писать через твёрдый знак. Разберемся, почему!

Лингвовикторина по интернет-терминам

Каждый третий участник получит по почте сувенир от нашего бюро переводов.

Editing in economics 1561

Proofreading and editing give authors the opportunity to prepare and submit more professional manuscripts for publication. We provide professional proofreading services for academic papers in economics for professors, lecturers, researchers and students.

Creating the article title 3759

Headlines are only a few words long, but have the extraordinarily important task of persuading journal reviewers to read your article and publish it in the journal.

Translation or proofreading quality assurance 903

We have received many questions from potential clients: how can we guarantee the quality of translation, editing, proofreading, and what to do if errors remain in the text? To be honest, we almost never answer this question. But for a blog post, we`ll try to explain why.

Text Layout Verification 2364

Text Layout Verification (proofreading) is a specific service that is usually required after the layout of booklets, catalogs, presentations, websites and instructions in foreign languages.

Translation services with proofreading by a native speaker 1615

In our translation agency, about 10% of all orders are processed with proofreading by a native speaker. This is the trend of recent years, when entering the international market means not only a statement about yourself, but also a real result, which cannot happen without proper investments, including the quality of the translated texts.

Советы по редактированию собственных текстов 2515

Когда мы корректируем и редактируем свой собственный текст, мы склонны читать его так, как мы думаем, и пропускаем собственные опечатки и другие орфографические, грамматические и пунктуационные ошибки, а также проблемы с выбором слов и структурой предложения.

The English language is a bit of a sponge 2422

The spread of the British Empire around the globe has meant that many words of foreign origin have crept into common daily use.

Corrección de textos en ruso 8978

Servicios de redactores y correctores de textos hecho por ruso parlantes.

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