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Social media and corporate blogs

A web or social media blog is a place where companies can showcase their expertise to potential customers and attract new ones.

Philipp Konnov
06 February, 2023

social networks, content

The success of a business depends on the image, so companies create marketing and HR departments that work to maintain a positive image in the eyes of customers. Many clients now follow blogs and social media groups for product updates, industry news, trends and insights. Even competitors subscribe to each other with these goals. So, the presence in social networks is now a priority for companies that advertise on the Internet.

Creating interesting, informative and at the same time "promoting" blogs takes time, resources and patience. Writing content takes time and energy. Our editors can help. We have translators, editors for different languages and subjects. Most of the new ideas come from overseas, get ready to work in different languages to keep your blog up-to-date.

The success of a blog depends on the skill of the editor, creativity and technical knowledge, and combining them is not easy. In copywriting, it is important to create an emotional connection between a company or a brand and an audience, showing the specific benefits of a product or service using a real story as an example.

If you want to find a blogger for your company, you can order a service from our agency. To write posts, we involve our best editors and translators who are well versed in the subject of the blog. Your task is to view and comment on blog posts so that our editors can more "finely" tune in to the tasks of the company and its clients. In practice, this process takes about a month, but after this period you will receive a stylized and logically connected blog or page on a social network. At the moment, the VKontakte network and the Telegram messenger will be developing in Russia, so the posts will be optimized for these two projects.

When can we expect the first results?

After a month of work, you will receive the first results of promoting the company`s business in social networks. All parameters can be measured and compared: views of the company profile will increase, feedback will be activated, the number of applications, consultations and purchases will increase.

The cost of the services of an editor for maintaining social networks and corporate blogs

In addition to informative and interesting posts, you will receive a number of additional services from the agency, which are included in the cost of blogging services: checking grammar, spelling, punctuation and stylistic errors. As an additional service, we can offer fact-checking, anti-plagiarism and the search for new ideas and information on the Internet. All texts prepared by editors can be sent to you in any format or published independently if you have access rights.


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Лингвистическая помощь: Что означает выражение "пойти ва-банк" и как его правильно писать 5555

Фразеологизм "пойти ва-банк" появился в русском языке благодаря любителям картежных игр. Затем он стал употребляться повсеместно в сочетаниях "пойти ва-банк", "играть ва-банк" и т. п.

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Каждый третий участник получит по почте сувенир от нашего бюро переводов.

Proofreading of English text 805

If you often publish in English-language publications, then you probably always try to maximize the quality of the English language in your articles. This publication is based on a review from one of our clients who used the proofreading service by a native English speaker.

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Recommendations for authors who wish to prepare their work, scientific article, manuscript or research for publication in international journals.

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Native English Editing Services for authors wishing to publish their work, scientific article, manuscript or research in the scientific journal Global Scientific Journals.

Will AI start writing texts, and what kind of content will it be? 1141

The network is constantly discussing various models of artificial intelligence, almost the same examples of the work of algorithms are given: answering questions, writing articles, passing exams, etc. There are opinions that the algorithm will start to do a lot for a person and there will be no work left for the latter.

Post optimization for VKontakte and Telegram 1781

Text used, for example, on a company website cannot be used without changes in a blog. It should be modified and adapted for social media posting purposes.

Proofreading and reconciliation check after text layout (Desktop Publishing) 1941

During the process of layout some words and hyphenations can be lost, the order of words or segments of text can be disrupted.

We are looking for a native Korean speaker 1923

A person with fluent Korean is needed for remote piecework. We are looking for a native speaker for proofreading of Korean texts / translations.

Telegram освоил русский язык 1103

Популярный мессенджер Telegram получил обновленную версию. Среди нововведений - функция Live Location, позволяющая пользователям показывать свое местоположением, а также языковая поддержка нескольких новых языков, включая русский. Подробное описание всех нововведений опубликовано в официальном блоге Telegram.

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Latest translation:
"Чеки за покупки и поездки / Shopping and travel bills ", Финансовая отчетность: чеки, квитанции

translation tags: справка, покупка, поездка.

Translations in process: 86
Current work load: 49%

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