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Editing to improve text

One of the editor`s main tasks is to improve the text. To do this, there are various editing techniques that will help make the text more accessible and easier to understand.

Philipp Konnov
02 November, 2023

editor, editing

Removing unnecessary information
The editor must pay attention to all unnecessary details, phrases or sentences that do not carry meaning and confuse the reader. Removing such elements will help make the text more concise and understandable.

Use simple and clear language
The editor should replace complex words and expressions with simpler analogues so that the text is understandable to a wide range of readers. It is also important to avoid long and confusing sentences by breaking them down into shorter and easier to read sentences.

Organization and structuring of information
The editor must structure the text in such a way that it is logically connected and consistent. This can be achieved by using headings, paragraphs, lists, or other elements that help the reader navigate the text easily.

Use of examples and illustrations
The editor may add specific examples or illustrations to help the reader understand the situation or concept being described more clearly.

It might be difficult to write a text in Russian, English or any other language, if it`s not your native language. This is especially the case if the subjects are scientific, technical or medical. Our company has been providing editing text services for more than 15 years.


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Лингвистическая помощь: "Кофе навынос" или "кофе на вынос" - как правильно? 5631

Правильный вариант: кофе навынос.

Викторина на тему языковой статистики

Каждый третий участник получит по почте сувенир от нашего бюро переводов.

Ghostwriting vs. Copywriting 796

Ghostwriting is a process in which professional writers write on behalf of the author without obtaining attribution or public recognition.

Editing texts generated by a neural network 976

With the development of technology and artificial intelligence, the creation of texts by bots has become increasingly popular. However, even the most advanced algorithm cannot provide complete perfection in the text. Therefore, editing bot texts is becoming an increasingly popular area in the service market.

Preparation for publication of a scientific article: Reviewers` recommendations 1792

Recommendations for authors who wish to prepare their work, scientific article, manuscript or research for publication in international journals.

Preparing an article for publication in Global Scientific Journals 1446

Native English Editing Services for authors wishing to publish their work, scientific article, manuscript or research in the scientific journal Global Scientific Journals.

Preparation for publication: preprint of a scientific article 1491

Recommendations for authors who wish to prepare their work, scientific article, manuscript or research for publication in international journals.

How to edit text in illustrations, graphs, diagrams and drawings 1473

To perform text editing in formats that do not provide such a function, pre-processing of images is necessary. Most often, text recognition is performed with the creation of a document structure through an OCR system.

A new dictionary of Russian synonyms has been added to the translation agency website 1216

The dictionary contributes to the development of thinking, written and oral speech, the ability to use the lexical riches of the language, to accurately, vividly and figuratively express one`s thoughts.

Post optimization for VKontakte and Telegram 1932

Text used, for example, on a company website cannot be used without changes in a blog. It should be modified and adapted for social media posting purposes.

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