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Preparation for publication of a scientific article: Authorship

Authorship has important academic, social, and financial implications, as well as responsibility for the published work. Recommendations for authors who wish to prepare their work, scientific article, manuscript or research for publication in international journals.

Philipp Konnov
01 April, 2023

preparation for publication

International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) are designed to ensure that contributors who have made significant intellectual contributions to an article are credited as authors, and that contributors identified as authors understand their role in taking responsibility and being responsibility for what is published.

To claim authorship of a manuscript, the following criteria must be met:
- make a significant contribution to the concept of work;
- obtain, analyze or interpret data in the published work;
- participate in the project or make comments on the content of the work;
- participate in the approval of the work for publication;
- be responsible for all aspects of the work, ensuring proper investigation and resolution of issues related to the accuracy or integrity of any part of the work.

Those who have contributed to the work, but are not entitled to claim authorship, should be listed in the acknowledgments.

Any change to the list of authors must be approved by all authors. The author should act as a liaison between the editor and other authors and should inform and involve co-authors in important decisions regarding publication.

Because authorship does not report what contribution made a person an author, some journals now solicit and publish information about the contribution of each person listed as participating in a submitted study, at least for original research. Editors are strongly encouraged to develop and implement a participation policy.

To facilitate proper peer review of your manuscript, it is important that it be submitted in grammatically correct English.

If you are a non-native English speaker, we recommend that your manuscript be professionally edited before submission by a native English speaker. This can be done by our agency`s editing service. Professional editing will make it easier for authors and future readers to read and evaluate the content of submitted manuscripts. Our translation agency employs experienced editors and proofreaders.


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Межкультурная коммуникация: деловой этикет в Эстонии 12163

Не всегда хорошее знание языка – гарантия крепких деловых отношений. Помимо этого необходимо знать особенности менталитета своих бизнес партнеров. В данной статье пара советов тем, кто планирует или ведет дела в Эстонии.

Викторина по русскому школьному сленгу

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How to properly cite literature from the Scopus 999

Correct citation of literature from the Scopus database is an important aspect of academic work. Our recommendations for citing sources from this database.

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توصيات للمؤلفين الذين يرغبون في إعداد أعمالهم أو مقالتهم العلمية أو مخطوطاتهم أو أبحاثهم للنشر في المجلات الدولية.

Preparation for publication of a scientific article: Feedback from the reviewer 759

Recommendations for authors who wish to prepare their work, scientific article, manuscript or research for publication in international journals.

Preparation for publication of a scientific article: Reviewers` recommendations 1521

Recommendations for authors who wish to prepare their work, scientific article, manuscript or research for publication in international journals.

Editing in economics 1345

Proofreading and editing give authors the opportunity to prepare and submit more professional manuscripts for publication. We provide professional proofreading services for academic papers in economics for professors, lecturers, researchers and students.

How to edit text in illustrations, graphs, diagrams and drawings 1197

To perform text editing in formats that do not provide such a function, pre-processing of images is necessary. Most often, text recognition is performed with the creation of a document structure through an OCR system.

Proofreading services for physics articles 1020

It takes months or even years of research to write a dissertation, article in physics. However, at the moment when you type the last word, it will be time to start the second part - editing and proofreading the article.

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Recommendations for authors who wish to prepare their work, scientific article, manuscript or research for publication in international journals. Preparation in accordance with the standards adopted in the international system of scientific publications and includes proofreading by native speakers, proofreading and editing of a scientific article.

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