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Creating the article title

Headlines are only a few words long, but have the extraordinarily important task of persuading journal reviewers to read your article and publish it in the journal.

Philipp Konnov
09 December, 2022

заголовок, составление заголовка

We offer the services of an editor who has impressive experience in proofreading and editing scientific articles, has a great sense of the style of narration and can help with writing the headline of the article. We share three goals of the title, which are achieved consistently during the creation process.

The first purpose of the title is to briefly describe the content of the article. To do this, a list of keywords that are most relevant to the content of the article is compiled and used by search engines and database indexes for systematization and search results. The selection of key phrases is made by frequency filters based on the content of the article, using search engine services that offer the most frequent phrases and semantically similar words. An important factor in choosing key phrases is common sense. The second purpose of a headline is to appear catchy, scientific, and persuasive in the SERPs. It is this factor that will attract the attention of the reader to your article and ensure the beginning of reading.

The third task of the header, although not the most functional, has an image purpose. Behind any article is the author, the opinion about which is formed by the content of the article.

Be aware that many journals set limits on title length. On average, a good title should contain no more than 10-12 words. Very short titles look good, snatched from the list when searching, but it is rarely possible to put the meaning of the article into such a small number of words.

When writing your headline, don`t be afraid to try to engage the reader. To do this, sometimes you have to go beyond the boundaries of scientific thinking. Use tricks to improve the title, for example, titles that begin with "On the Origin of Species" are perceived as something monumental and significant. There are keywords that are not related to the content of the article, but allow to make the article "scientific": "Proof ..", "It is proved that ..", "Risk reduction with ...", - can be used in articles containing expert opinion, research and surveys.

When composing the title, make sure that you do not go beyond the content of the article and that the title is not "torn off" from the context.

Keep working on the title until you achieve clarity, conciseness, and above all human interest. You can also contact our editors who will help you with the heading of the article, correct it and subtract it in Russian, English or another language from the list of our working languages.


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