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How to choose a journal to publish your work

Browse dozens of magazines before settling on one of them evaluate the compliance of your work with the general theme and style of the magazine.

Philipp Konnov
05 October, 2022

impact factor

Consider whether your topic is of interest to the target audience of the magazine. Estimate the Impact Factor and Citation Index. Weigh the ratio of the prestige of the journal and the likelihood that your article will be published; think about how long it can take from submission of an article to its publication. What is Impact Factor?

An unsuccessful choice of journal can lead to three main scenarios: first, the manuscript may simply be returned to you marked "not suitable for publication." This decision is often made after peer review, which means that you may receive a disappointing response weeks or even months after the submission of the manuscript.

Second, a manuscript may receive negative reviews simply because the reviewers are not familiar enough with your area of ​​specialization. At the same time, it is likely that with a more careful approach to the choice, you would easily find a magazine that would be more relevant to your chosen topic.

In the worst case, you will receive a series of criticisms from reviewers who do not understand your field well enough and spend a lot of effort trying to "improve" your work, even if it does not really need to be corrected.

Finally, suppose that the article is still accepted for publication. However, your joy will be short-lived if in the end it turns out that none of the researchers working in a field close to you reads the chosen journal. Thus, in essence, no one will know about the results you get. This is another reason to consult with colleagues before you make a decision about choosing a particular journal.

Let us dwell on two more practical points that must be taken into account. Many journals today require mandatory submission of manuscripts and other materials in electronic form. The rules for presenting materials in this case can be quite complex, especially when the article uses figures or tables.

You may find that the selected journal accepts articles for placement only on a paid basis. Evaluate in advance whether you can afford such a luxury, and whether it is worth looking for another magazine.

Most journals accept manuscripts for publication in English. For the most of our clients who order proofreading and editing of manuscripts, English is not their native language. Writing in English can be difficult even for those who speak it. This is why editing and proofreading by a native speaker is often essential.

Along with reviewing and bringing articles up to the required linguistic standards, the scientific editor can give an objective assessment of your research from the outside. Proofreading services include: correction of spelling and grammatical errors, as well as correction-editing of redundancy, parasitic words, misuse of synonyms, homonyms and other stylistic turns of speech. Editorial changes can be influenced by the context and situational function of the text, the style of presentation of information, the pace of the text, headings, case and narrative structure.

The cost of text editing is determined based on its volume. The calculation unit is a standard page containing 1800 characters.


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Чикан или тикан (яп. 痴漢, チカン, ちかん «развратник», «дурак») так в Японии называется фроттеризм. Или проще говоря, тиканами или чиканами называют любителей поприжиматься и пощупать находящихся рядом людей.

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Scopus в цитировании литературы 747

Scopus является одной из наиболее авторитетных и широко используемых баз данных для цитирования литературы, но не является единственной. Есть и другие платформы, такие как Web of Science или Google Scholar, которые также предоставляют схожие возможности.

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Recommendations for authors who wish to prepare their work, scientific article, manuscript or research for publication in international journals.

Preparing an article for publication in Global Scientific Journals 1377

Native English Editing Services for authors wishing to publish their work, scientific article, manuscript or research in the scientific journal Global Scientific Journals.

Editing in economics 1481

Proofreading and editing give authors the opportunity to prepare and submit more professional manuscripts for publication. We provide professional proofreading services for academic papers in economics for professors, lecturers, researchers and students.

How to edit text in illustrations, graphs, diagrams and drawings 1387

To perform text editing in formats that do not provide such a function, pre-processing of images is necessary. Most often, text recognition is performed with the creation of a document structure through an OCR system.

Proofreading services for physics articles 1159

It takes months or even years of research to write a dissertation, article in physics. However, at the moment when you type the last word, it will be time to start the second part - editing and proofreading the article.

Батыс жазушыларының басылымдары қайта баяндалатын болады 783

Кейбір ресейлік баспалар мәтіннің парафразасын тікелей тырнақшасыз жариялау арқылы елде халықаралық бестселлерлерді шығаруға қойылған шектеулерді айналып өтпекші.

Publication in the Journal of Russian & East European Psychology 5119

Native English editing and proofreading services for authors wishing to publish their work, scientific article, manuscript or research in the Journal of Russian & East European Psychology.

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