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Congratulate your colleagues and friends - Translations of congratulations

This is our translation agency’s project of congratulations with international and national holidays in different languages. We wanted that congratulations on various occasions in different languages were connected to each other, opening the borders and allowing business partners and friends from various countries to congratulate their colleagues and loved ones with relevant and important for them events.

Филипп К.
01 September, 2017

They say there is a special translation language. When you read the translation it seems to be all right, you cannot find fault, but you feel that this is a translation. We get accustomed to use limited vocabulary and congratulations text becomes unexpressive involuntary. However, it is pleasant to receive a congratulation note from somebody who can choose brighter and more interesting words.

Everyday something is happening all over the world. According to traditions, there are own holidays and events in every country which are of special interest for local public. Congratulate a partner, relative, friend, or a colleague in his native language means to favour him, as well as show your special attitude to the culture and traditions of his country.

We prepared a special website, which represents general list of international and national holiday greetings with the translation. You can congratulate your colleagues, friends in their native language with its help, as well as find out about the main holidays they celebrate in one country or another.


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