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Technical translation

Learn more about Technical Translation Agency, translation examples and our translators.

Ph. Linn
15 Марта, 2016

Scientific-technical texts are known to be structurally complicated. They are rich in specific turns of speech, as well as in some epistolary expressions, that make the translation difficult and present a further challenge for the translator. At the same time, almost half of all the texts, translated at our Agency, refer to one of the subject areas of technical texts.

Technical text structure and the specificity of technical translation
Technical texts do not have any stylistic nuances, but require the translator to have terminology skills and sufficient experience level in the relevant technical area. Technical translations reveal a higher standardization degree of texts and terminology. Sometimes the subject of a technical translation can be so particular, that the assistance of a translator with technical education is required. Technical texts often contain abbreviations and acronyms known to a narrow circle of specialists.

A feature of technical translation is the presentation of the material with the least amount of expressive elements that lend emotional intensity to the text; a key focus here is on the logical aspect of the text. The translator tries to obviate the possibility of loose interpretations of the translated text; therefore the translation sounds stiffly and non-emotional.

The richest special terminology features the technical translation in terms of vocabulary. The translator continually has to use specialized dictionaries and glossaries. The sentences in the technical text are quite formal, some patterns need to be changed or adapted with help of target language analogs.

Stylistically the technical text composition looks “broken” and presents a large number of illustrations, drawings and sheets. Due to particular subject area technical translation cannot be performed by a translator with no experience in this area. Uncommon types of technical translations are carried out by a team of specialists: by the translator doing the main operation of the translation and the editor who proofreads and corrects the text, choosing the specialized terminology. This process takes longer and costs more than a standard translation. Find more about the cost of technical translation.

So where are the limits of translator’s specialization, beyond which a humanist is no longer able to perform a high-quality technical translation? In what case a technical translation must be performed by a technician rather than a translator? We put a lot of effort, generalizing our translators’ and editors’ experience, and dare to hope that this will be the best advertisement for our services. Engineer vs. Linguist


Арабские цифры

Цифры современной десятичной системы носят название арабских, поскольку европейцы заимствовали их у арабов. Однако предполагается, что их родина – южная Индия.

We are looking for a native Korean speaker

A person with fluent Korean is needed for remote piecework. We are looking for a native speaker for proofreading of Korean texts / translations.

"Modern" demands on translation quality

One of our agency`s regular clients made a comment on a translation we completed for them, and it has not left my mind since. It encapsulated a criteria for judging the quality of a translation which had not occurred to me before.

Лингвистическая викторина по терминам миллениалов

Примите участие в нашей викторине!
Каждый третий участник получит по почте сувенир от нашего бюро переводов.

Yacht Renting and Selling. Relation to the Translation Business.

Boat Show in Moscow. Exhibition of Motor Boats and Yachts.

Russian Language Institute abroad

The Deputy Head of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia will promote Pushkin State Russian Language Institute brand abroad.

Petrochemical industry, oil and gas processing

Petrochemical translators are specialists able to carry out an order of any degree of complexity. Translation bureau "Flarus" has an entire group of translators oriented exactly to translation of texts of petrochemical and oil processing subject area.

A glossary of sports terms to be available on the official website of Sochi Winter Olympics

The first version of a specially designed English-Russian glossary of terms, as well as a French-Russian glossary of winter sports is accessible on the official website of the XXII Winter Olymics and XI Winter Paralympics organizing committee.

“World-class” universities can harm others

Building “world-class” universities can have a negative impact on the rest of a country`s higher education system if equity and other issues are not taken into consideration.

One of delusion of western linguists about Kyrgyzstan

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