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One of delusion of western linguists about Kyrgyzstan

Елена Рябцева
23 November, 2011

Last week I made the acquaintance of an interesting foreign tourist which came to our country from Germany by his motorbike. His name was Eric Krause. He told me that he worked like a translator in Translation Company in Brandenburg. After several minutes of our talk he said me: «Oh, guy! You’re really surprised me I thought that you are able to use four languages! » We drank some couples of tea and say goodbye to each other.

It appears that all his colleagues propose that all citizens of Central Asia know only «tribal» language and communicate with foreigners by sign language. Next day I visit some German sites on WWW on his words were proven. Also he told me that not only German linguists but plenty of French and Poland people have similar opinion about people of Central Asia.

They are right partly, country of Central Asia is half-educated and a lot of native inhabitants cannot write his own name. Last about ten years several major Languages Universities were founded in Kyrgyzstan. And now about 40% populations of our country have excellent education and many people know more than two languages. Now you have known the truth and may get rid of your prejudices.

Автор статьи: Антон Дзевульский


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