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Translation histories: “What to eat to lose weight”, or the secrets of a healthy lifestyle

Ideas about healthy lifestyles and eating well have become fashionable, popular trends. Not long ago, we translated a book from German which was dedicated to eating right, and which argued that it is enough to follow simple principles to keep your body in shape.

Here are the basic principles of healthy eating recommended by the author.

Eating habits

Set aside no less than half an hour for meals. Take in only small mouthfuls, and chew your food thoroughly. Refrain from eating if you do not feel hungry.

More water

Drinking dilutes your blood, so that it circulates better. However, try not to dilute your concentrated gastric juices more than necessary. This happens when you drink during meals. It is therefore better to quench your thirst before or after you eat.

Natural routine and good sleep

Routine plays an important role, because it has an effect on digestion. In the morning, the digestive tract is working at its best, and its activity is lower during the evening. It is therefore better to limit your intake of food in the evening, so as not to overload your body. During sleep, your insulin level is low, so your body burns fat, and it is then that we lose weight most of all.

Three meals a day

Breakfast, lunch and dinner provide us with our daily requirements of energy. It is thus important not to eat for 5 or 6 hours between meals, so that the process of burning fat can take place undisturbed. Snacks are unnecessary.

Remember the Austrian saying: “Eat the breakfast of a king, the lunch of a townsman and the dinner of a beggar”.


At least a minimal amount of physical exercise is essential so that our energy expenditure is balanced against the amount of calories we take into our bodies. This allows us to avoid taking on excessive weight.

And remember: pleasure from your food is the most important thing. Healthy food should be both delicious and good for you. Happy people live longer lives!

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