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Work for Translators

Our editors, who collected data from different CVs of translators and systematized experience of work with freelance translator applicants, we have come to the conclusion that it is possible to identify common features in search, selection and testing of translators seeking to cooperation with our agency.

Philipp Konnov
06 December, 2017

Work for Translators

The fact is that, much as we would like to, we are not able to work with all translators. Taking into account the above, it gets obvious that we have decided to help freelance translators searching for work and launched the Work for Translators project.

The site http://curriculum-vitae.ru is aimed at the development of relationships between the translation agency and freelance translators.

Freelancers having filled in the application form once get additional source of clients as translation agencies and customers. It helps freelance translators, editors and linguists to get a job or additional earnings.

Our editors receive a tool making it possible to search for and select translators for large orders and specialized translations, translators with rare languages, and specific fields.


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Китайский магазин "Шанс Боку" 4626

Первый в России книжный магазин Китайской литературы, который открылся на Арбате, рассчитан на студентов, изучающих китайский язык и на всех кто интересуется китайской культурой и литературой.

Викторина по неологизмам

Каждый третий участник получит по почте сувенир от нашего бюро переводов.

Write an article for our linguistic blog 2304

You need to write an article on the words borrowing in English from different languages. 10-12 borrowings will be enough. The main goal is the interesting and unusual borrowings.

Free service of templates documents translation - TemplateTranslation.ru 10384

Free service of civil documents translation was created by the editors and translators of our company. There you can find different types of references, POAs (powers of attorney), diplomas, certificates, passports and other standard and essential for everyday life documents.

Where to find texts in English, German, Spanish, Chinese with translation into Russian? 5333

We know that many people are looking for bilingual text, while studying a foreign language. Sometimes it is a part of an exercise or necessary for a practical work. It turns out that there are not so many high-quality texts on relevant topics in English, German, Spanish, Chinese with a translation into Russian on the Internet.

Internationalism prompts boom in language business 4185

Adjusted for inflation, the median annual salary for translators and interpreters rose from $44,500 to $53,410 between 2004 and 2012, according to Labor Department data. The majority of full-time workers are freelancers, and they are paid by the word, ranging from 7 cents a word to 30 cents, depending on the language and specialization, according to association.

Who considers translator’s CV and how 1978

Translator’s CV is filled in by about 10 people a day. Hence, the editor cooperating with translators has to study a great number of CVs every day.

A trilingual guide for Universiade launched in Kazan 2863

The application is available in English, Russian and Tatar on iOS devices.

Как мы нанимали корреспондентов новостной ленты 3317

С включением нашего проекта в экспорт Яндекс-новостей, мы решили увеличить поток публикаций. И вот что из этого вышло...

Translation job vacancy 2233

This site helps freelance translators, editors, and linguists find a job or extra earnings.

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Переводы для HR, рекрутинга, отделов подбора персонала
Юридические и деловые переводы по тематике подброра, найма, увольнения персонала. Перевод трудовых договоров с иностранными сотрудниками. Глоссарий по теме HR.

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Глоссарий по машиностроению

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