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About automatic speech recognition

Automatic speech recognition is changing the way we create subtitles, making it much easier.

Philipp Konnov
10 December, 2023

audio, transcript, subtitles

Subtitles are now not only used for people with hearing impairments, as was the case in the past. They allow viewers to watch videos made in other languages. Without subtitles, countless potential viewers would be excluded from the target audience. Viewers who are fluent in a foreign language often choose the subtitle option so they can read the text while watching the video.

However, creating subtitle text can be challenging, especially if you don`t have the skills needed to create quality subtitles. The solution to these problems can be found using automatic speech recognition technologies.

Automatic speech recognition is part of the emerging world of artificial intelligence and involves converting audio into text. Automatic speech recognition uses machine learning algorithms to recognize words and their spelling.

When working on subtitles, the first step is to transcribe the audio that is part of the video. One way to achieve this is to type the transcript one word at a time; Of course, this is a slow process. However, the development of algorithms has significantly changed the way this transcription is carried out. Now the transcript can be generated automatically, the program recognizes the spoken words and then converts them into scripts - subtitle files with time code. After transcription and translation, subtitles can be added to the video.

While AI processes have enormous benefits, they also have limitations. Grammar rules can be complex. For example, homophones, which are words that sound alike but have different meanings, can cause errors.

Many industries, such as the legal and medical fields, have specialized terms and concepts. Speech recognition systems may have difficulty understanding and communicating information correctly.

To overcome the limitations of automatic speech recognition, an important step must be added to the subtitling process: post-editing.


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