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A Joke Has Caused A Translation Error

"Sherlock" (2010) is a new British television series produced by Hartswood Films for BBC.

Some dialogue in the first episode suggested that in this version the character Sherlock Holmes is homosexual. For instance, Holmes responds to Watson's query about his relationship status with "Girlfriend? No, not really my area". Their landlady apparently believes they are a couple, informing them "There’s another bedroom upstairs … that is if you’ll be needing one". That's why Russian fans suggested that the dubbing-in of the Russian First Channel would change the original meaning. For example, Mrs. Hudson would ask Dr. Watson about borscht (Russian soup) but not about his bedroom.

Jokes about "borscht" spread not only in Runet, but also penetrated into English segment of Internet. It ended up a publication in the foreign mass media. There was even an article about tough censorship in Russian film dub.

The series is a contemporary update of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective stories and stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes and Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson.


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Самое длинное слово в болгарском языке 3591

Самое длинное слово в болгарском языке состоит из 41 буквы.

Викторина по русскому школьному сленгу

Каждый третий участник получит по почте сувенир от нашего бюро переводов.

Corrección de textos en ruso 4043

Servicios de redactores y correctores de textos hecho por ruso parlantes.

Сериал "Ведьмак" появился в переводе на белорусский язык 2784

Переводчики группы "RэZэрвацыЯ" выполнили перевод сериала "Ведьмак" от Netflix на белорусский язык.

A Calendar of Russian and Chinese Popular Beliefs 1696

For a company dealing with medicine and chemistry, we have translated, into Chinese, a calendar of popular beliefs and superstitions. The issue of the Calendar was intended to mark the coming of the New Year. Along with traditional Russian and Chinese beliefs, it also contained “modern” superstitions connected with cars and computers.

The database of the ECHR is available in Russian language now 1258

Database of the European court of human rights (ECHR) was held in open access in the Russian language. In addition to the official languages of the office: English and French, the documents of court can be read in Russian language now.

History of translation: Spanish cinema recovers from being "unconscious" 1931

One month ago our agency started working on a big and exciting project — a translation of six full movie scripts from Spanish. You can always tell a Spanish movie from any other by its particular weirdness, marked by several specific features. They run like a common thread through various scripts of road movies, sitcoms and TV-shows, translated to Russian by our specialists.

Since 2014 Ministry of Education and Science of Russia will promote Russian Language Institute brand abroad 1541

Since 2014 Ministry of Education and Science of Russia will promote Pushkin State Russian Language Institute brand abroad. The Deputy Head of the Ministry Veniamin Kaganov has announced such intention.

A trilingual guide for Universiade launched in Kazan 2156

The application is available in English, Russian and Tatar on iOS devices.

Поэтическая составляющая в японских переводах: пословицы и поговорки 7202

Главными символами Японии для иностранцев являются сакура, сакэ, суши и строгие самураи. Японский язык представляется тем, кто на нем говорит, резким и непоэтичным. Однако это не совсем так: в японском языке существует множество пословиц и поговорок, которые широко используются не только на письме, но и в устной речи.

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Multi-Volume Dictionary On The History Of Common English Words

Словари русского языка медленнее реагируют на новые термины, чем словари английского языка

SYSTRAN Translation Software Achieves Excellent Translation Quality For European Union Legal Documents

L-Test Drivers Who Need Help To Read English Road Signs

Medical Information Service Available Via Mobile Devices

Best Translated Book Awards Longlist Revealed

Google Translate Adds Conversation Mode

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При работе с текстом объем постоянно приходится определять, а для этого используются разные единицы измерения.

Глоссарий спортивных терминов в гольфе
Глоссарий спортивных терминов в гольфе

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