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Language Line Services’ Quality Focus Wins Place on Government Interpreting Framework Agreement

Language Line Services, the largest provider of face-to-face interpreting solutions in the UK, has been awarded supplier status on the pan-Government Buying Solutions Framework Agreement for Face-to-Face Interpreting Services.

Language Line Services, the largest provider of face-to-face interpreting solutions in the UK, has been awarded supplier status on the pan-Government Buying Solutions Framework Agreement for Face-to-Face Interpreting Services.

The three year Agreement will enable the organisation to provide high quality face-to-face interpreting services to any UK public sector body at competitive, all-inclusive rates.

Language Line Services’ bid to supply under the framework agreement was evaluated by Buying Solutions, the national procurement partner for UK public services and part of the Cabinet Office’s Efficiency and Reform Group. The proposal reflected the organisation’s commitment to providing the highest quality solutions and exceptional customer support.

Language Line Services currently provides reliable face-to-face interpreting solutions to a large number of leading NHS trusts, local authorities and UK police forces. The organisation is widely trusted to provide highly qualified interpreters at short notice with unrivalled fulfilment levels. With industry-leading fulfilment rates, a unique implementation function and a dedicated team to manage interpreter recruitment and quality, the organisation is well placed to deliver best value services to UK Government departments.

As the largest global provider of telephone interpreting services, and a major supplier of written translation and alternative format solutions, this award strengthens Language Line Services' position as the leading language solutions provider to the UK public sector.


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Полонизмы в русском и руссизмы в польском языке 7821

Польский и русский языки близки, поэтому на протяжении многих веков оба оказывали влияние друг на друга. Результатом такого процесса стали лексические заимствования: полонизмы и руссизмы.

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The festival of Russian literature SLOVO is held in London 1409

The festival of Russian literature was opened in the British capital London on March 8. This event has been organized for the 5th time and this year it will bring together 12 Russian writers and two dozen events which will be held on the most prestigious literary platforms of London.

Международная Выставка AQUA-THERM Moscow 2013 1706

В выставочном центре "Крокус Экспо" с 5 по 8 февраля пройдет 17-я Международная Выставка AQUA-THERM Moscow 2013

A Prize for Books on Russia Announced in Britain 1912

Pushkin House (the center for Russian culture and language in London), together with Waterstones (a book retail network), have instituted the Russian Book Prize. The Prize will be awarded to the best authors of books on Russia written in English.

EXPOLINGUA Berlin 2011 - International Fair for Languages and Cultures 2397

The 24th EXPOLINGUA Berlin will take place October 28 – 30, 2011.

London 2012: Volunteering at London's Olympic Games 1952

The Most Spreading Language In The World Is Not English 1992

It takes only third place after Chinese and Hindi.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Hires Bilinguals 1532

The CIA’s job market for secret operatives has never been more open.

New study of phonemes Clarifies The Roots And Origins Of Language 1697

A new study conducted by psychologist Quentin Atkinson of the University of Auckland.

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