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England from the other shore

In the ancient times England, Ireland and Scotland united to hold in leash their colonies. However, that was not the last union. England and Scotland united to hold in leash Ireland, and England itself united to hold in leash Scotland. The English upper class united to hold in leash the lower class.

Philipp Konnov
17 January, 2017

Британия, Англия, Великобритания, Great Britain, England

The foreigners see the English people and England in a little different way as the British Isles population sees this country and its citizens. The foreigners consider the words "England", "Great Britain" and "the United Kingdom" differ only according to the discourse style where they are used. The first word for them is the most widespread, the last word – the most official one. Outside Foggy Albion all the UK residents are called the English, the same as all the USA residents are called the Americans. Although, for the residents of this country each of these words has certain geographical, economical and even statistical restrictions.

The indigenous inhabitants of the British Isles are considered to be the Celts. In the old times one Celtic group settled in Ireland and Scotland, the other – in Wales and Cornwall. The inherent Celtic dreaminess and their interest in mysticism come out in the character of the Irish, poetic imagination – in the character of Cornwall residents, musical talent – in the character of the Welsh. The most prominent Celtic traits appear in the Irish nature through its vivid fantasy, artistic talent, slight logic disregard, fanatic obsession and, according to some people’s opinion, inability to find a compromise. In the English character the Celtic origin comes out as inclination to rely more on the intuition than the ratio, as well as deliberate concealing of the distinct border between conscious and unconscious mind. The Celtic origin contradicts to the general opinion that the English are prosaic, cold and rational people.

After the Celts the Romans came to the British Isles. They stand aside the locals and demanded their absolute obedience. Upon the Roman leave, the Danish and Germanic tribes (Saxons, Angles and Jutes) came to this land and gradually hustled the Celts away to the highlands. The Saxons, who were farmers and whose practical and rational mind differentiated from the Celtic one, quickly inhabited the conquered territory. The English character inherited from the Saxon character its inclination to natural, simple and uncomplicated things. Later, new conquerors – the Scandinavian Vikings arrived to the Eastern coast. They were excellent sailors and added some adventurism to the English character. The Normans became the last wave of conquerors. Under their rule the elite got their equestrian code of honour and became the land owners. That is the way in which the different traits, familiar to us up to now, interlace in the English character.


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Самым близким языком в лексическом плане к итальянскому является французский 8336

Составители каталога Ethnologue рассчитали степень лексического сходства разных языков мира. Оказалось, что наиболее близким в лексическом плане к итальянскому языку является французский, имеющий с ним 87%-ное сходство.

Викторина по топонимам

Каждый третий участник получит по почте сувенир от нашего бюро переводов.

The English language is a bit of a sponge 1403

The spread of the British Empire around the globe has meant that many words of foreign origin have crept into common daily use.

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"Greetings & translations", a project of the Flarus Translation Agency, is a list of greetings with both international and national holidays translated into dozens of languages.

Язык жестов для лучшего понимания английского 2191

Макатон – язык, облегчающий общение с людьми с ограниченными возможностями: глухих, людей, страдающих аутизмом, эпилепсией, синдромом Дауна.

We often translate from the English into Spanish language 917

40 million native Spanish speakers live in the United States of America. Therefore, the USA is the country with the biggest Spanish speaking population ratio. So, it is not surprising that we often translate from the English into Spanish language.

English into Spanish Translations 915

In our agency the translation from English into Spanish is performed by a special group of professional translators, some of them are native Spanish speakers who can speak English as well.

How Russian has enriched European languages 1474

Probably, everyone knows that the words internet and computer originated in the English language. However, Russian «migrants» can be found in English as well.

A virtual school of Russian language to be opened in Russia 1478

Starting from the next school year, the first virtual school of Russian language for foreigners will be opened in Russia. The project will operate on the basis of the Pushkin State institute of Russian language in Moscow. In the future, similar centers will appear in other Russian cities as well.

Japan Beating Russia in Race to Anglicize 1689

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