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The history of translations: fashionable shoes

The fashion is never standing still, shoe and leather industry is developing at a quick rate, modern designers are competing with each other in ingenuity and our translation agency, getting a lot of orders for translation in this area, helping companies go out to the global level.

The fashion and business are integrating gradually. Along with large shoe factories arise self-employed individuals who focus on exclusivity and manual production. The competition is increasing and there is a need in the representation of the company in the bright light and entry on the international scene. And translation agency acts as an intermediary in this process.

We have quite a lot of experience with companies engaged in the leather and shoe industry. As you know, in this business are the Italians ahead of all, who continue to make shoes, bags and accessories in the best traditions of craftsmanship, and use innovative technology. We translated some catalogues of fashion shoes specifically from Italian. The product that widely represented in the world market, satisfy demand for luxury shoes and daily middle class shoes. You may notice that now, first of all, brands are paying more attention to the comfort and practicality, rather than the unique design as fashion becomes more and more utilitarian, and the materials of construction for the product as a global trend dictates the pursuit of natural materials of the highest quality.

Of course, colourful glossy catalogues have migrated now in the Internet mainly, so we receive most requests for translation of websites, dedicated to on-line shopping, for example.

Our specialists are also engaged in translation of booklets for creation of the shoe store image. In recent years, more and more often we get requests for translation, mainly from English and French languages, articles about designers and couturier. The interest in fashion is never fades away.


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Пятая Международная конференция "Дни славистики в Андалузии" в Испании 2125

С 9 по 11 июля 2019 года на факультете перевода Гранадского университета пройдет пятая Международная конференция "Дни славистики в Андалузии".

Лингвистическая викторина по баскетбольным терминам

Каждый третий участник получит по почте сувенир от нашего бюро переводов.

Language-learning aptitude can be predicted – thus assure the scientists 1080

Have you ever asked yourself, why some people are more acceptive to foreign languages, than others? As the latest research shows, the success rate in this field may be predicted by analyzing of the interaction between certain areas of the brain.

Как символ Болгарии превратился в болгарский эвфемизм… 1361

Цервули - традиционная балканская обувь, символ самобытности старинной болгарской земли. Очень популярная в сельской местности и высмеиваемая горожанами, она просуществовала в болгарском быту почти до середины XX века. Именно сельское происхождение этой обуви превратило "цървул" в эвфемизм болгарской речи. Парадоксально, но сама обувь продолжает являться частью национальной культуры Болгарии, однако слово "цървул" практически погибло в своем первоначальном значении.

History of Translation: The Sports Footwear Magazine 1258

It is not for the first time that we translate articles for a sneakers & tennis shoes magazine. The magazine is fully dedicated to sports footwear, its history and development, fashion trends, and various events and persons, which are connected, in one way or other, with the “sneaker culture” (where “sneakers” means sports shoes of a kind).

History of translation: "Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle, I want to ride my bicycle" 1338

How many people know the electric bicycle, or electrobicycle? The idea of equipping a bicycle with a motor went a little later the invention of a bicycle. Recently we translated from French some instructions for the famous European brand of carmakers. Thanks to our translation, we hope to find more cyclists in Russian cities. Bicycles with electric motor help everybody, even people without physical fitness, to run long distances.

3D French scenery 1566

There is a quite popular and original type of exhibitions in Europe, where the multimedia, lighting, scenery, graphics and special effects allow the visitor to get involved in the exposition, whether it be a wild dinosaur park, an anthill, a battlefield or a theatrical stage in times of Moliere. Recently we translated several quite voluminous press releases from French, which contained comments and reviews of some projects of a French company, running a scenography, museography and multimedia production business.

В Канаде подбирают подходящий перевод на французский язык для слов "хэштег" и "твит" 2119

Участники Международного форума французского языка (French Language World Forum), который проходил в начале июля в канадской провинции Квебеке, обсуждали перевод англоязычных терминов, рожденных на Уолл-стрит или в Силиконовой долине, на французский язык.

Из-за ошибки в переводе британец "сел в тапку" 1547

Ошибка в переводе, допущенная китайским производителем обуви, позволила британцу не просто надеть заказанную им тапочку, но даже залезть в нее целиком.

История наших переводов: Отталкивающий облик среднестатистического модника 1517

Австралийский журнал, посвященный модной обуви, выдал список характерных черт своих верных подписчиков.

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