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A Bark is Local, but the Cat Speaks Just One Meow

25 February, 2012

Onomatopoetic words, ``buzz``, ``beep`` and ``moo``, for instance, mimic the action or object they represent. They are, in theory, international, part of a lingua franca. Cows, after all, don`t moo differently in Spain than in Japan, do they? And all donkeys hee-haw, don`t they?

The Pakistani ducks say ``tay-tay-tay``. The Croatians go ``back-back-back``. The Hungarian quack is so close to a real duck`s that it is almost impossible to transcribe.

The Japanese mouse beeps. The South Korean pig beeps, too. The Greek dog says ``gobble-gobble``. Only the Arab dog goes ``bow-wow``. And a cat`s meow is the most international sound.


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Что в китайском сленге означает набор цифр 521? 4004

Цифра дня.

Викторина ко Дню знаний

Каждый третий участник получит по почте сувенир от нашего бюро переводов.

Translation and Prices 877

When calculating the translation cost, most translation companies take one word of original text or page (~ 250 words) as an accounting unit. As for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, 400 hieroglyphs are taken as an accounting unit.

We often translate from the English into Spanish language 734

40 million native Spanish speakers live in the United States of America. Therefore, the USA is the country with the biggest Spanish speaking population ratio. So, it is not surprising that we often translate from the English into Spanish language.

Pieces of advice from our Chinese-Russian-English translator 1007

Asking yourself the question "how is it possible to communicate with a Chinese person", you will certainly find a lot of advice in the Internet. Being translators from Chinese, we offer you our own advice.

History of translation: "Three Little Pigs" with a Spanish Flavor 2883

It`s not a secret pupils and students often contact our agency to get support in translating their researches, theses or simply home assignment. Thus, we have recently translated in Spanish the tale "Three Little Pigs." What problems faced the Spanish native speaker translating this folklore text?

History of translation: Spanish cinema recovers from being "unconscious" 1594

One month ago our agency started working on a big and exciting project — a translation of six full movie scripts from Spanish. You can always tell a Spanish movie from any other by its particular weirdness, marked by several specific features. They run like a common thread through various scripts of road movies, sitcoms and TV-shows, translated to Russian by our specialists.

`Crosswordiness` of words and translation: the words most frequently encountered in crosswords 1474

Apparently, one does not nave to be extremely well-read or broad-minded to solve crossword puzzles efficiently. According to Noah Veltman, a web developer from UK, in every language there is a certain set of words that show up particularly often in crossword puzzles.

Japan Beating Russia in Race to Anglicize 1428

More than Please and Thank You 1402

Say «please»! children are often told after saying something like «Give me a biscuit», if they ask why, they may receive the explanation «Because it`s polite».

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