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Interjection "dude"

24 January, 2012

The etmyological origin of the word "dude" is debated but the original use of the term dates back to 1870 where the term was used to refer to fastidious men. The use of "dude" as a derogatory term comes from the attitude people had towards surfer culture which began using the term.

Linguist Scott Kiesling from the University of Pittsburgh has published a scholarly paper deconstructing and deciphering the word "dude", contending it is much more than a catchall for lazy, inarticulate surfers, skaters, slackers and teenagers.

According to the study the word derives its power from something he calls cool solidarity - an effortless kinship that is not too intimate. Cool solidarity is especially important to young men who are under social pressure to be close with other young men.

"It's like man or buddy, there is often this male-male addressed term that says, "I'm your friend but not much more than your friend," said Kiesling, whose research focuses on language and masculinity.

To decode the word's meaning, Kiesling listened to conversations with fraternity members he taped in 1993. He also had undergraduate students in sociolinguistics classes in 2001 and 2002 write down the first 20 times they heard "dude" and who said it during a three-day period.

He found the word taps into nonconformity and a new American image of leisurely success.

Anecdotally, men were the predominant users of the word, but women sometimes call each other dudes. Less frequently, men will call women dudes and vice versa. But that comes with some rules, according to self-reporting from students in a 2002 language and gender class included in the paper.

"Men report that they use dude with women with whom they are close friends, but not with women with whom they are intimate," according to the study. His students also reported that they were least likely to use the word with parents, bosses and professors.

Historically, dude originally meant "old rags" - a "dudesman" was a scarecrow. In the late 1800s, a "dude" was akin to a "dandy", a meticulously dressed man, especially out West. It became "cool" in the 1930s and 1940s, according to Kiesling. "Dude" began its rise in the teenage lexicon with the 1981 movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High".

Over time "dude" lost its sense of foppishness and in certain circles could just mean "fellow, chap." In African American culture in particular, "dude" became an approving designation for any man. California surfing culture eventually followed suit, extending "dude" into a vocative, or a term of address.


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