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The "Verbing" Of Brand Names

A New York Times article by Nick Bilton has language professionals all atwitter, or at least "twittering," about the marketing success of some IT brand names so commonly used that they have become verbs. "The success of brands in technology, like Photoshop and Google, has opened people’s eyes to the fact that becoming a verb is not always a bad thing," Mr. Shapiro, an editor and trademark consultant, said.

Since at least the 1940s, some popular brand names, such as fridge, kleenex, tampax, thermos and band-aid, have become generic common names. Hoover vacuums spawned a verb, to hoover (chiefly British). Named after the man who commercialized them, hoover is considered a proprietary eponym rather than just an eponym (a person after or for whom something is named), because it is a brand name. Such commonly used words are also referred to as genericized trademarks or generic trademarks. Much to the Xerox company’s chagrin, its name became synonymous with photocopiers and started being used as a verb.

It is still popular to say "look in the fridge" (from Frigidaire) rather than "in the refrigerator," "pass me the box of kleenex" and not the "box of facial tissues." FedEx, photoshop and facebook are some other eponymous verbs, e.g. "I facebooked that link."

The same phenomenon exists in French. The usual translation for tweet is twitter or tweeter in French, although gazouiller is making some inroads in newspapers: "Je l’ai twitté." - "C’est très tendance de gazouiller (tweeter) durant le party de Noël."


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В последнее время появляется много новых интернет-словечек, которые проникают и в наше повседневное общение. Китайский язык – не исключение.

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We know that many people are looking for bilingual text, while studying a foreign language. Sometimes it is a part of an exercise or necessary for a practical work. It turns out that there are not so many high-quality texts on relevant topics in English, German, Spanish, Chinese with a translation into Russian on the Internet.

History of Translation: The Sports Footwear Magazine 2785

It is not for the first time that we translate articles for a sneakers & tennis shoes magazine. The magazine is fully dedicated to sports footwear, its history and development, fashion trends, and various events and persons, which are connected, in one way or other, with the “sneaker culture” (where “sneakers” means sports shoes of a kind).

History of translation: Tell me what your brands are and I will tell you who you are 3065

A brand is a marketing term meaning a new product or a service with a popular and recognizable brand marks, while branding and brand management are focused on consumer psychology in order to make the brand rememberable and recognizable. A famous American marketing expert, whose work we have translated recently, describes the main principles of branding in fascinating short articles.

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4-6 June 2012, Paris, France (Le Palais des Congres de Paris)

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The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual competition held among active member countries of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

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