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Czech words in translations

Czech words and their different, sometimes, even opposite meanings in Russian.

Ph. Linn
20 October, 2017

The most famous example of different words meaning is the words indicating aroma which sound similar in Czech and Russian. The Czechs say "vonet","vonavy" to indicate a pleasant aroma, the Russians say "пахнуть" (English – "have a good smell"), "пахучий" (English – "smelling good") in such cases. On the contrary, unpleasant smell in the Czech language is described by the words "pachnout", "pachnouci", in Russian they say "вонять" (English – "stink") and "вонючий" (English –"stinking").

One more deceiving word for Czech users of the Russian language may be the word "ужасный" (English – "terrible"). In Czech the word "uzasny" has a positive and excellent meaning. Still, if not very good students studying Russian in the Czech Republic will tell a Russian that he did something "ужасно" (English – "terribly") he will not be very happy.

The following words couple consisting each of three similar sounding words are rather interesting: following the chain you will come to the absolutely opposite meanings:

moc = власть (English – "power"),
vlast = родина (English – "motherland"),
rodina = семья (English – "family"),
bricho = живот (English – "belly"),
zivot = жизнь (English – "life"),
zizen = жажда (English –"thirst").

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