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Translation from Kazakh language

Around 10 million of Kazakhstan residents and nearly 2 million of people living in other countries (China, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran) consider this language their native language.

Ph. Linn
02 October, 2017

Unlike the other languages of his group, the Kazakh has no dialectal division, that facilitates certainly the work of translation from the Kazakh language. Although the linguists distinguish three dialect which territorially correspond to the three juzes: north, west and south. The dialects differ insignificantly and, therefore, understood by all holders of the Kazakh language, including those who live outside of Kazakhstan.

In the process of translation from Kazakh language, it should pay a special attention to the choice of meaning of word, because the polysemy is appropriate to many words.

The features of the Kazakh language which should be taken into account when the translation, concern to the morphology, syntax and vocabulary. The Kazakh language belongs to the agglutinative languages, where there are no prepositions. Like most of Turkic languages, the order of words in phrases and sentences and types of connections between words are strictly defined in the Kazakh language. Thus, in the Russian language, the definition (adjective) can be before or after the determined word, and, in the Kazakh language, there is a strict order of words and phrases, and are modeled on the "definition + determined word" where an adjective or a numeral is usually in the function of definition. Read more...

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Лингвовикторина о голландском языке

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