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Google Experiments With Dictionary And Allows To Filter Google Search Results By Reading Level

Google is experimenting with Google Dictionary as an integrated part of search. The dictionary would be available on the side bar as a search option and would allow users to find definitions of words without using “define” within their search. The definition provided would come from the Google Dictionary, but would also include a section for web definitions below.

Google has offered a tool that categorizes search results based on reading level for some time now, but until now it has been an option tucked away in advanced search. It is currently displayed on the side bar among the other search options.

If you use this option, your results will be displayed using an indicator for how difficult the material is to read. Pages can be basic, intermediate or advanced. A query for quantum physics produces mostly advanced results.

Google has also just moved a “Reading Level” filter from the Advanced Search options into its main, left-side Search Options sidebar. Now when you’re digging around for understanding, you can use Google’s reading of the complexity of the text to shift between plain language “Beginner,” a deeper “Intermediate” read, and the mostly academic “Advanced” results.


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Популярные болгарские фразеологизмы 7886

"На върба в сряда или на куково лято цъфтят налъмите" - "В вербную среду или на кукерское лето цветут старые калоши".

Викторина по заимствованиям

Каждый третий участник получит по почте сувенир от нашего бюро переводов.

Text review 1872

Text review systems are an integral part of modern scientific and academic publications. They provide mechanisms for evaluating and critically analyzing written work before publication. Let`s consider the basic principles of text review systems.

Acoustics Terms Glossary 3624

A scientific term is not just a word, but an expression of the given phenomenon essence. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the crystal clarity and definiteness of terminology, since it represents the essence of the objective phenomena themselves, the science essence itself.

Онлайн-словарь неологизмов армянского языка «Նոր բառեր. Առաջին պրակ» 1995

На сайте НАИРИ вышел в свет 115-ый выпуск онлайн-словаря: «Նոր բառեր. Առաջին պրակ» («Новые слова. Первый выпуск») Института языка имени Грачья Ачаряна Национальной академии наук РА», изданного в Ереване в 2015 году.

Concise Scots Dictionary And The First Global Conference On Slang 3209

The Scottish Government has provided £200,000 to the charity Scottish Language Dictionaries this year towards the updated Concise Scots Dictionary.

Merriam-Webster представил бесплатный словарь для ОС Android 3838

Американское издательство словарей Merriam-Webster выпустило толковый словарь английского языка для мобильных устройств, использующих операционную систему Android. Приложение распространяется бесплатно и будет полезно тем, кто изучает английский язык.

The Language Of The American Indian Tribe Will Be Saved 2544

The Natchez are a Native American people who originally lived in the Natchez Bluffs area. They spoke a language isolate that has no known close relatives, although it may be very distantly related to the Muskogean languages of the Creek Confederacy.

ABBYY Lingvo x5 Has Been Released 3263

Google’s Technology To Translate Patents, Aid Researchers 2938

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Hawaiian Schools Threaten To Boycott State Test Because Of Its “Inaccurate” Translation

Translation Errors Found In The EU-Korea Free Trade Pact “Might Be Intentional”

SYSTRAN Translation Software Achieves Excellent Translation Quality For European Union Legal Documents

Brunei’s Language And Literature Bureau In Need Of More Translators

Trusted Translations Launches New Phone Interpretation Division

Nokia And Microsoft Join Forces Against Google And Apple For Mobile Dominance

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