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Years of experience in translation service marketing allows us to create several unique features of the market. One of them is poor customer awareness.

Philipp Konnov
15 February, 2017

стоимость перевода, цена перевода, исследование

Most customers are weakly associated with translation work and have a blurry picture of the workflow in translation agency, on the provision of services, prices and quality criteria for translation.

Creating our project on comparing of online translators quality was initiated by the fact that many customers are convinced that translation companies are working to refine translations made by machine. Every week we have to prove to customers that machine translation is still far from what makes a professional translator.

This fact can be used in advertising strategy only by one way. It is hiding from the client of unnecessary information that could put the company in a negative light. Usually the prices for translation services are hidden. Use website texts to clarify benefits to your client, do not hide them or confuse the customer.


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7 тостов для немецкого застолья 16719

Германия славится своей культурой пития и производит высококачественные сорта пива, вин и крепких спиртных напитков. В этой стране знание пары тостов могут сослужить неплохую службу.

Викторина по топонимам

Каждый третий участник получит по почте сувенир от нашего бюро переводов.

How does translation memory differ from machine translation? 3130

Translation memory and machine translation have similar acronyms (Machine Translation Translation Memory), which can be confusing. However, they have significant differences.

Change of leaders in transfer directions 2415

At the dawn of our translation business (2001), technical translations from German accounted for 25% of the total. Translations from French - 7%, Spanish - 3-5%. There were also other languages ​​in the orders, but their total share did not exceed 2-3% per month. Everything else - about 45-50% - English.

Post-editing machine translation 2158

Post-editing of machine generated translation is editing and proofreading of the text, resulting in a coherent, understandable, and usable contents for the client.

Where to find texts in English, German, Spanish, Chinese with translation into Russian? 5333

We know that many people are looking for bilingual text, while studying a foreign language. Sometimes it is a part of an exercise or necessary for a practical work. It turns out that there are not so many high-quality texts on relevant topics in English, German, Spanish, Chinese with a translation into Russian on the Internet.

Professional Translation in the Field of Electrical Engineering and Microelectronics 1869

Russia is a developing country, and the Russian market is not congested, so you can sell practically everything here.

Russian Translation Services 2349

The average rate of Russian Translation Services, based on a translator working 6 hours a day, is 10 USD per one page. Russian Translation Services at low prices – this is our main advantage!

Entry of a foreign company into the Russian market 2170

The growing Russian market is becoming very attractive for worldwide business and international companies. In an age of increasing globalization, many of these companies have done their best to carve out a proper niche on the Russian market, but a number of them fail to find ways to launch their business, while others underestimate the complications they can encounter in Russia.

Advertising of Translation Services 2485

Our tips for context advertising, marketing and promotion of translation services will be valuable for translation companies, beginners in the advertising market, as well as old-timers.

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