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Years of experience in translation service marketing allows us to create several unique features of the market. One of them is poor customer awareness.

Ph. Linn
15 February, 2017

стоимость перевода, цена перевода, исследование

Most customers are weakly associated with translation work and have a blurry picture of the workflow in translation agency, on the provision of services, prices and quality criteria for translation.

Creating our project on comparing of online translators quality was initiated by the fact that many customers are convinced that translation companies are working to refine translations made by machine. Every week we have to prove to customers that machine translation is still far from what makes a professional translator.

This fact can be used in advertising strategy only by one way. It is hiding from the client of unnecessary information that could put the company in a negative light. Usually the prices for translation services are hidden. Use website texts to clarify benefits to your client, do not hide them or confuse the customer.

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