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Service for Free Translation of Standard Documents

Flarus Translation Agency presents a new service for free translation of standard documents.

Ph. Linn
16 November, 2016

The service (www.templatetranslation.ru) provides a catalog of the templates of most commonly requested documents which were translated and collected by our translators.

translation templates

The catalog includes templates of translated document types, which could be useful for those who intend to continue their education abroad (passport, diploma, certificate for grades, school attendance certificate and other types of certificates), and for those who want to get employed in a foreign country (employment record card, license, letter of recommendation), and for people wishing to immigrate (visa, various types of certificates, etc.), as well as for many other purposes.

The existing database enables to translate a required document into different languages (English, French, German, Italian and many others). In a case when the required document type is not available or its translation is not supported by the database, there is a request form you can send to the service editor.
If the editor determines the required document as appropriate for the database, it will be translated for free. Please note that document templates which could be added to the catalog should be ones of the most popular types for use by a wider audience. Less commonly used specific document types like extracts from medical records, titles of ownership, quality certificates, etc. are not to be posted in the base and could be translated by our specialists according to the pricelist fees.

To get a free translation of the required document from the database on TemplateTranslation.ru, select the appropriate document group and then the appropriate document template. Fill up the marked document fields in the form and select the required language of translation.

After you push the “Translate” button your document will be immediately translated and displayed.

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