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Criteria affecting the cost of translation

Depending on the linguistic problem posed by the client, there are different types of translation and technological processes of their implementation. Consequently, the translation cost and time required for it differ as well.

Philipp Konnov
11 November, 2015

In order to break down the cost of translation, we have identified the main criteria that determine the complexity of the translation process. These criteria are, in descending order of importance and impact on the cost of translation: complexity of the text subject, type of original document and its volume, purpose of the target text and its format, deadline. When determining the cost of translation, not all the criteria are equal and additively involved in the pricing. Some of them are mutually exclusive or have a multiplier effect.

How does each of these criteria affect the cost of translation?

Complexity of the text subject is the first thing that the editor of the translation agency pays attention to when selecting a team of translators for the translation. The subject is determined in several iterations moving from global subjects - technology, medicine, the economy - to highly specialized ones. To do this, the editors systematize texts received by our agency for translation and keep a subject classifier, which currently has more than 350 different subjects. It often happens that the text cannot be characterized by a single subject, and then the editor chooses the translator whose specialty matches the set of text subjects most closely. This process is partially automated in our translation agency. You can read about it within our special project: translation samples and tags.

стоимость перевода

Paid translation performed by our agency includes mandatory service of literary editing / proofreading.

The rest of the criteria that define the complexity of the translation process and their impact on the cost of paid translation are described in the relevant sections of the website.


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Лингвистическая помощь: Рисковый или рискованный 15414

Два однокоренных прилагательных "рисковый" и "рискованный", наверное, у многих вызывают вопросы в употреблении. Давайте разберемся, в чем разница и в каком контексте следует употреблять каждое слово.

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We recently translated data to train an AI chatbot. The customer was an advertising agency, which in turn was hired by the ticketing service. In total, the project implemented 4,500 question-and-answer scenarios for site users.

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Text review systems are an integral part of modern scientific and academic publications. They provide mechanisms for evaluating and critically analyzing written work before publication. Let`s consider the basic principles of text review systems.

Preparation for publication of a scientific article: Feedback from the reviewer 759

Recommendations for authors who wish to prepare their work, scientific article, manuscript or research for publication in international journals.

Publication in the Journal of Russian & East European Psychology 1109

Native English editing and proofreading services for authors wishing to publish their work, scientific article, manuscript or research in the Journal of Russian & East European Psychology.

Tariffs in the translation industry 1060

How much the translation of your documents costs? How is the cost of translation calculated and what can be done to save on translation services?

Translation services low price 1858

The number of people claiming to be translators and offering translation services nowadays is huge. This resulted in the lower price for translation services making it more attractive for customers but at the same time creating certain difficulties for those who is looking for real professionals devoting all their lives to this job.

Free service of templates documents translation - TemplateTranslation.ru 10294

Free service of civil documents translation was created by the editors and translators of our company. There you can find different types of references, POAs (powers of attorney), diplomas, certificates, passports and other standard and essential for everyday life documents.

We are looking for a native Korean speaker 1790

A person with fluent Korean is needed for remote piecework. We are looking for a native speaker for proofreading of Korean texts / translations.

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