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Will French become the second international language?

South China Morning Post has published curious infographics about the status of world languages.

world languages

Hong Kong`s oldest English-language newspaper South China Morning Post has published curious infographics and demonstrated current situation as to the outspread of world languages and the factors affecting their future.

For instance, it is obvious the position of English as the international language is not threatened. Simultaneously, in the next decades it will be beneficial to learn and teach Chinese, while French is an unobvious candidate for a reserve language. French is the second most commonly-taught second language in the world. The total number of French speakers is a far cry from Chinese, but the native/learnt ratio is higher for the French language.

Russian is a different story. On the one hand, Russian is the eighth most spoken native language in the world with 166 million speakers and the eighth language in regard to the number of countries where it is spoken. On the other hand, Russian did not make top 7 of most commonly learnt languages on the planet and, for example, falls behind Portuguese in terms of the number of speakers (mainly due to the recently increased population of Brazil).

Here are some more interesting facts from the infographics:
*There are already 7.2 billion people in the world. 4.1 billion of them are native speakers of one of the 23 most common wotld languages.
*Chinese is the most common native language with 1.2 billion speakers.
*English is the most common language in the world with 1.5 billion non-native speakers and 1.8 billion speakers in total.
*French and English are the only languages with more learners than native speakers.

world languages, infographics


MIPTV, ярмарка телевизионного контента / Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France.

C 30-го марта по 03 апреля во французских Каннах прошел самый крупный европейский рынок аудиовизуального контента MIPTV-2009.

The history of translations: fashionable shoes

The fashion is never standing still, shoe and leather industry is developing at a quick rate, modern designers are competing with each other in ingenuity and our translation agency, getting a lot of orders for translation in this area, helping companies go out to the global level.

"Modern" demands on translation quality

One of our agency`s regular clients made a comment on a translation we completed for them, and it has not left my mind since. It encapsulated a criteria for judging the quality of a translation which had not occurred to me before.

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History of translation: “Go to recruitment – accept a bondage” or Recruitment policy in China

Recently we translated compliance code for employees of one small Chinese company to Russian. Strict hierarchy and control – here are pillars of internal labor policy of the Celestial Empire’s companies.

The database of the ECHR is available in Russian language now

Database of the European court of human rights (ECHR) was held in open access in the Russian language. In addition to the official languages of the office: English and French, the documents of court can be read in Russian language now.

It has been proposed at the State Duma to make Russian an official language of the European Union

It has been proposed at the State Duma to grant to Russian language the status of an official language of the European Union. This idea was discussed during round-table conference on a topic "State language policy of the Russian Federation: current state and trends".

Over 180 cities and towns participated in the "Total dictation" event

On Saturday, April 6, took place an annual educational event "Total dictation", in which this time participated about 30 thousand people from 181 cities and towns in six continents.

Поэтическая составляющая в японских переводах: пословицы и поговорки

Главными символами Японии для иностранцев являются сакура, сакэ, суши и строгие самураи. Японский язык представляется тем, кто на нем говорит, резким и непоэтичным. Однако это не совсем так: в японском языке существует множество пословиц и поговорок, которые широко используются не только на письме, но и в устной речи.

New Terminology On Microsoft Language Portal

The Microsoft Language Portal has been updated with terminology and UI translations from scores of international Microsoft products that have released over the last few months.

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