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Learning a foreign language through playing

The start-up XPLingo has presented a new concept of learning languages - «Play your language».

XPLingo, программа, приложение, планшет, компьютер

There is no best way to learn a foreign language, than to go abroad. However, this is not always possible. You can benefit from the digital world: with an innovative idea, the start-up XPLingo offers an absolutely new way of learning a foreign language.

The player finds himself as a protagonist on the tablet computer or computer and sets off for an interactive adventure story in another country, which creates moments that he could only experience in the respective country. The player interacts in various scenes, opens new pages in the history and communicates with native people within the virtual world. This unique adventure allows also to learn a language.

The German-Brazilian team has experienced that foreign languages are learnt better through personal experience, rather than within language courses. Ingo Ehrle worked for 6 years in Barcelona, building up a subsidiary for a German software company. In 2014 he met José Rodolfo Freitas in Munich, an experienced game designer and software engineer. Together they founded the start-up XPLingo with the slogan «Play your language».

«Stories and personal experiences have a very decisive effect on anyone`s motivation to learn a language», founders resume their idea. - «That`s why we build game-based learning solutions that amuse and teach the user while he/she discovers an exciting adventure story. Thus, the country, the culture and the people are put directly on the tablet or computer».


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Составлено новое самое длинное предложение на чешском, состоящее только из согласных 4474

Чешский и словацкий языки могут из-за слогообразующих R и L образовать многослоговые слова без гласных. Количество таких слов, однако, ограничено, и создание полноценных предложений является сложной задачей.

Викторина по непереводимым терминам

Каждый третий участник получит по почте сувенир от нашего бюро переводов.

Where to find texts in English, German, Spanish, Chinese with translation into Russian? 3836

We know that many people are looking for bilingual text, while studying a foreign language. Sometimes it is a part of an exercise or necessary for a practical work. It turns out that there are not so many high-quality texts on relevant topics in English, German, Spanish, Chinese with a translation into Russian on the Internet.

We often translate from the English into Spanish language 515

40 million native Spanish speakers live in the United States of America. Therefore, the USA is the country with the biggest Spanish speaking population ratio. So, it is not surprising that we often translate from the English into Spanish language.

English into Spanish Translations 625

In our agency the translation from English into Spanish is performed by a special group of professional translators, some of them are native Spanish speakers who can speak English as well.

Учим языки играя 931

"Сыграй в свой язык" - стартап XPLingo представил новый концепт изучения языков.

History of translation: "Three Little Pigs" with a Spanish Flavor 2426

It`s not a secret pupils and students often contact our agency to get support in translating their researches, theses or simply home assignment. Thus, we have recently translated in Spanish the tale "Three Little Pigs." What problems faced the Spanish native speaker translating this folklore text?

A boom on Russian language 1008

The Japanese are expressing much interest in everything Russian in lieu of the Sochi Olympics: language, cuisine, flag, nested dolls and other Russian symbols – all that attracts Japan’s residents along with the Olympic symbols.

History of translation: Bienvenido, or Welcome to Spain 1172

The “Russian boom” in the Spanish real estate market has been on the rise for several years already. As soon as real estate prices in Spain dropped during the decline, the British left Spain; however, the country became more and more frequently visited by the Russians.

History of translation: Spanish cinema recovers from being "unconscious" 1411

One month ago our agency started working on a big and exciting project — a translation of six full movie scripts from Spanish. You can always tell a Spanish movie from any other by its particular weirdness, marked by several specific features. They run like a common thread through various scripts of road movies, sitcoms and TV-shows, translated to Russian by our specialists.

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