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How Russian has enriched European languages

Probably, everyone knows that the words internet and computer originated in the English language. However, Russian «migrants» can be found in English as well.

русизм, спутник

Scientists from all over the world are familiar with tokamak thermonuclear reactor. It was created by Soviet scientists and retained its original name (tokamak is a toroidal chamber with magnetic coils). Today it is considered the most promising machine to conduct controlled thermonuclear fusion.

The word babushka (grandmother) is a warmer and nicer borrowing from the Russian language. «Well, babushka is a victorious word. There is no warmer place for a granddaughter than her grandmother`s place, and there is no person more precious for a grandmother than a good granddaughter» - Theophan the Recluse wrote. She «won over» the Englishmen as well – they included the word in the dictionary. However, English babushka does not mean grandmother, it is a way to wear a headshawl.

The Russian cuisine has also conquered the world. And even though names of some dishes are difficult to spell and pronounce (for example, Borschtsch in German), people from all over the world enjoy kasha, blini, smetana, pelmeni, pirozhki and many other things.

Gogol`s troika has also become famous. Foreign guests always admired the Russian team of horses and adopted the word. As to modern vehicles, the English language was enriched by such words as elektrichka (suburnab train) and marshrutka (city shuttle), which students and cottage gardeners love so much. The dacha (summer house) where one goes by elektrichka was adopted by the European languages as well.

But Russians are not only famous for their overland transport. October 4, 1957 the first Sputnik (satellite) was launched, April 12, 1961 the first kosmonaut (astronaut) Yuri Gagarin went to space, and November 17, 1970 Luna-17 automated station delivered the Lunokhod (lunar rover) to the moon.


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