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New way of website promotion: thematic publications

The idea of website promotion inspired in 2009, when we have found the project «Translations news», related to our business.

Ph. Linn
16 February, 2015

Began posting publications on various topics close to our main topic of translation, we receive statistics of visits and the interests of our readers. To summarize, it can be argued that the audience of the project are not always being the final customer of our services, however, has been strongly connected with the activity of our company and became an indirect way to display the site in the leading position in the search engines.

Besides that we have received a platform with quite strong PR-base for other projects of our company. Attracting freelance journalists to publications, we have become well-known in many blogs and newswires of other sites. In social networks links and all kinds of borrowing from our publications began to multiply on our project.

What does give this way of website promotion?

Site background information on a particular subject; new audience; new statistics of demands and interests of readers; new ideas for the development of the company; wide fame; actual advertising platform.

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