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Translation Agency Special Offer: 10% Discount for Translation to 17 Languages

Our translation agency is located in the centre of Moscow (Chistye Prudy metro station, Turgenevskaia, Stretenskiy Boulevard) at Miasnitskaia Street. Near our office weve always seen foreign tourists with their suitcases. Besides, weve recently noticed a new hostel in the neighbouring building.

Ph. Linn
01 September, 2014

Our curiosity resulted in a little research. We have found that at Miasnitskaia Street there are lots of hotels and hostels, including the ones registered at www.booking.com. In general they are rather small hotels and hostels, therefore not all of them have own websites. Still, if they have the website, it is in Russian (or maximum translated into English). However, today you may not have your own website, it would be sufficient to publish the information about your hotel at the booking.com page.

Our special offer is for the owners of such hostels: we can translate one page of the information about your hotel to 17 languages to attract more customers from different countries with 10% discount.

There is no doubt that a tourist from Poland will be glad to find the information about a Russian hotel in which he is going to stay in his native Polish language. Tourists from France will choose the hotel the information about which they can read in French rather than English which is not their most favourite language. And so on.

Usually, you dont need too much information to publish at the website or booking.com page (hotel description, location, prices, services, testimonials). Therefore, our unique offer to translate it to 17 foreign languages with 10% discount allows, first of all, saving your money and, secondly, entering the international travel market and attracting more and more foreign tourists directly to your hotel/hostel.

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