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What is the archive of made translations for?

How can the great number of translated documents and texts on various subjects help the editors and translators of the agency? What useful information can we obtain from the archive of translations?

Елена Рябцева
19 November, 2013

First of all, let us explain what the archive of translations is, because many readers of our blog may not have an idea of how the work with translations is carried out in a translation agency. The archive of translations is a structured catalog of documents saved in various formats. The most common formats are text ones - doc, pdf, ppi, and graphic ones - jpg, tif, gif.

A target language corresponds to each source text; some documents are translated into several foreign languages. The translation is made in two or more stages. At the first stage, the text is translated by a professional translator well familiar with the text’s subject. At the second stage, the translation is read by the agency’s editor and submitted for improvement and verification if necessary. If there is a need to lay out the translation, for example, to insert an illustration into a presentation or a Word document, the layout is performed, which is included into the total estimate of the translation and is paid extra charge for. An ordinary translation is limited to these operations.

Archive includes all texts that were ever translated by Flarus translation agency. Each text is indexed and assigned a set of tags, general or special theme and target audience (profile). The agency’s editor can search for a document by any of these parameters. For those who are interested we may offer a tested simplified option of document search.

The found document is used as a support for the editor and the translator when a translation of a multipage document is needed with terminology and style consistency, or an entire cycle of translations of various texts bound by a certain common theme. This is seldom the case but sometimes the found document partly coincides with the source text, and in such a case the price of the translation may be much lower than for the document translated anew.

A great number of translations also favorably influence the bureau’s image. Potential customers may assess the performance of the company and make a subjective evaluation that will influence the decision to order a translation from Flarus translation agency.


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