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History of Translations: Musical and Choreographic Ballet Characters

We have been translating the book from the French language recently. It was ballet evolution from the middle of the 19th century up to the early 20th century book which was translated into Russian in our Translation Agency.

Елена Рябцева
05 November, 2013

The text is about French ballet masters and librettists, the famous female dancers and ballerinas on the stage of the Paris Opera, as well as about the impact of the French on the origin of the Russian ballet in the way as we know it.

The ballet becomes an independent type of the performing art only in the mid-to-late 18th century by virtue of the reforms accomplished by French ballet master Jean-Georges Noverre. It is due to Russian translation of the critical essays by Theophile Gautier, French poet and critic we have art portraits of famous female dancers at our disposal (Maria Talioni, Fanny Cerrito, Fanny Elsler, Carlotta Grisi and others), the description of the movements in the dance, the stage settings, as well as some important dates, for example, pointe dance is established in 1813.

For example, the female dancer Fanny Cerrito looked like this (translated from French): "She was of a low statue, plump, with very large and white bust, wonderful arms, vivacious and provocative look, charming smile, strong legs, small but fat feet, unruly blond hair." An interesting appearance for a ballet dancer, isn’t it?

There are also interesting illustrations represented in the book. They demonstrate the ballet dance costumes of the day.

French ballet had a colossal impact on Russian one. The France was a dancing master up to the end of the 70th years of the 19th century, as long as its apprentices who were taught French technique in Italy stood first on the stage of the Paris Opera, and at the end of the century the Russian academic school of ballet training became a leader. Then they admit the superiority of the Russian ballet by the early 20th century in the French book.

Russian translation of the text refers to the literary translation of the topic "Music". We translated into German the articles of the same topic for saint Petersburg Boys’ Choir, translated from Romanian the interview of the famous director Mikhail Pletnev who took part in Bucharest International Festival etc.


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