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The cost of filing a patent application in the United Arab Emirates

Recently, our regular client, a patent attorney, asked us to participate in the procedure for filing a patent application (the applicant is an individual) in the Emirates.

Philipp Konnov
09 November, 2022

араб, арабский, ОАЭ, бизнес, деловой

The applicant approached the local patent company for a service and was billed. Tariffs for filing documents and support for patent registration are not discussed, but in the part where we must participate, the tariffs for translation are very interesting, in other words, fabulously high. All documents must be translated into English and Arabic.

What are these documents:
Bibliographic page
Power of attorney issued by the applicant
Specification, claims and abstract
Deed of transfer from the inventors
Drawings, drawings, schemes, algorithms

Now the question is, how much does all this cost?
(all prices are in USD)
Official fees - 250
Applying for a patent - 522
Priority requirement - 100
Preparation and submission of an application for the extension of the 2nd year - 300
Preparation and submission of an application for an extension for the 3rd year - 300
Translation of Specification, claims and abstract - $25 per 200 words
Translation of drawings - $25 per drawing
Translation of the Written Opinion and Preliminary Examination Report - USD 25 per A4 page
General fees for filing a patent application - 922

+ 5% VAT on translation fees (as indicated on the local company`s invoice)

The order of prices for us, as constantly performing translations for Russian entrepreneurs, attorneys and certification companies, is simply amazing.

We relatively recently translated a large package of documents into English, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese and Korean for the registration of a patent for an ingenious locking system with a movable retractable cylinder. Each language block included all the documents listed above, and the average cost of translation was in the range of 40-65 thousand rubles. This is almost an order of magnitude lower than the declared price from a translation company in the United Arab Emirates.

All data is published for informational purposes.


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