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Translation of abbreviations

Abbreviations like email, login, spam are beginning to be used in everyday life. Translation has its own features.

Philipp Konnov
04 February, 2022

jargon, abbreviation, emoticon

Sometimes words of two languages, which, due to the similarity of their sound, cause false associations, lead to erroneous perception. When translating abbreviations pay attention to the spelling ("huevo", Spanish), the combination of letters ("SS", a prohibited combination in Germany, and in medical - Sjögren`s syndrome) and the sound of the resulting abbreviation (Pajero, dissonant in Spanish).

If the abbreviation cannot be deciphered, then it is left in the original language.

Abbreviations for the names of institutions and organizations are written without quotes and with a capital letter.

Abbreviations indicating the form of ownership of the company, if they are not part of the name, can be omitted in the translation.

If the target language has a well-established version of the abbreviation, they use it.

Long phrases makes difficult to use and understand, so for compression purposes, abbreviations are used: tel. (telefon) - telephone, temp. (temperature) - temperature.

However, the use of truncated words and abbreviations leads to errors if the context does not allow determining the thematic affiliation of the term. The software developer will understand the terms tab and temp as "tab" and "temporary". For a physician, this means - tablet and temperature.


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