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The number of people claiming to be translators and offering translation services nowadays is huge. This resulted in the lower price for translation services making it more attractive for customers but at the same time creating certain difficulties for those who is looking for real professionals devoting all their lives to this job.

Philipp Konnov
06 December, 2021

cheap, price, translation

In the time of economic crisis many companies have been trying to minimize their expenses. The companies are now trying to manage translation jobs by themselves or hire those who can do it at a lower price.

One time we even received the machine translated text for "proofreading". And the customer did not hide the fact that the text was simply "run" through machine.

As a result, they get inadequate translations that can affect company image and business in general. The customers have to spend additional money on correction of mistakes, and usually they have nobody to claim about the poor translation quality.

We had that situation until our customers started trying to save money and stopped ordering easy translations from the translation agency, giving this responsibility to secretaries, personal assistants, students and freelance translators. In this case the company will not only stop spending time on correction of mistakes made by unprofessional translators but also save its reputation among customers.


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"Экспортная декларация / Export declaration", Экспортные декларации

translation tags: декларация, налогообложение, экспортно-импортный.

Translations in process: 100
Current work load: 67%

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При работе с текстом объем постоянно приходится определять, а для этого используются разные единицы измерения.

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Список Сводеша для эсперанто

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