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English - Arabic Translations

There is an opinion that Arabic is a very difficult language. Linguists and translators specialized in Arabic find this opinion stereotypic since such kind of a language does not belong to the Indo-European family of languages and, accordingly, it conforms to entirely different rules in contrast to the Indo-European languages.

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28 September, 2021

Arabic language mainly follows strict rules of grammar and you will not encounter any difficulties knowing grammar rules and translating into the source or target Arabic.

Our Arabic-specialized team comprises professional linguists, editors and translators. We offer a wide range of linguistic services: translation from Arabic, checking translated texts, correcting and editing, proofreading with any native Arabic speaker involved. See more...



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В Москве откроется PCVexpo-2011, юбилейный Международный Форум "Насосы. Компрессоры. Арматура. Приводы и двигатели" 4345

Основные тематические разделы: насосы, компрессоры, арматура, приводы и двигатели.

"Праздничная" викторина

Каждый третий участник получит по почте сувенир от нашего бюро переводов.

Proofreading and editing in Arabic 1885

It is believed that the Arabic language is very complicated. Linguists and translators from Arabic explain this stereotype by the fact that this language does not belong to the Indo-European language family and, therefore, is subject to the very different rules than the European languages.

Where to find texts in English, German, Spanish, Chinese with translation into Russian? 4243

We know that many people are looking for bilingual text, while studying a foreign language. Sometimes it is a part of an exercise or necessary for a practical work. It turns out that there are not so many high-quality texts on relevant topics in English, German, Spanish, Chinese with a translation into Russian on the Internet.

Proofreading and reconciliation check after text layout (Desktop Publishing) 787

During the process of layout some words and hyphenations can be lost, the order of words or segments of text can be disrupted.

Nanaj language recource has been appeared in Internet 742

Volunteers decided to attract public attention to Nanaj language extinction problem and establish site devoted studying this language.

Литературное редактирование текстов 868

Заказывая услуги профессионального редактирования, Вы можете исправить текст, избавив его от досадных ошибок и недочетов. Редактор проверит грамматику, написание (орфографию) и пунктуацию, чтобы работа выглядела профессионально, грамотно и красиво.

Translation from Kazakh language 777

Around 10 million of Kazakhstan residents and nearly 2 million of people living in other countries (China, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran) consider this language their native language.

Are you translator, linguist or journalist? Translation News will be glad to cooperate with you. 1389

Do you have something to write about? We offer an interesting opportunity to publish article, news or opinion on our website.

Website translation into Arabic 1280

The Flarus Translation Agency is engaged in professional translation of variably targeted websites into different languages. Our clients commonly order the website translation into English due to the desire to expand the audience in a westerly direction. Yet, benefits provided by a website version focused, for example, on the Arabic-speaking audience are also noteworthy.

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History of translation: "Three Little Pigs" with a Spanish Flavor

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More than Please and Thank You

One of delusion of western linguists about Kyrgyzstan

Helen and Kurt Wolff Translation Prize Awarded To German-English Translator

June 6 as Russian Language Day

Machine Foreign Language Translation Systems Bridge Gap Between Soldiers

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Локализация приложений в формате XLIFF
XLIFF - формат для локализации приложений, особенности структуры, редакторы, работа переводчиков с файлом.

Глоссарий морской лексики для перевода инструкций для катеров.
Глоссарий морской лексики для перевода инструкций для катеров.

"Немецкая" викторина


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