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Proofreading and editing in Arabic

It is believed that the Arabic language is very complicated. Linguists and translators from Arabic explain this stereotype by the fact that this language does not belong to the Indo-European language family and, therefore, is subject to the very different rules than the European languages.

Филипп К.
30 January, 2021


The bulk of translations from Russian into Arabic, which we have done in the recent years, are related to the medical theme, translations of the websites, and translations of technical instructions for the gadgets.

We can offer services provided by Arabic native speakers for proofreading and editing your documents. Though, it is no easy matter to find any Arabic native speaker in Russia, we were a success to take the advantage of active cooperation with our foreign clients.

Previously, a majority of our Arab translators/interpreters visited eastern countries working under a number of military projects implemented between local authorities and the USSR – this is to say that they have enormous experience and skills in speaking Arabic. They can translate any different text making reference to specific Arabic dialects.

The literary Arabic is an official one employed in all Arab countries but the matter is that there are some dialectal variations effectively used on a regional level. Therefore, we should take into account the above matter when doing any translation since the same turn of speech can be differently interpreted in Yemen and in Sudan.

This means that for ordering any Arabic target translation, you should indicate the country of the Arab world for which such translation is to be done, and our translator will make it possible to give his/her reference to any regional Arabic dialect.


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Что в китайском сленге означает набор цифр 521? 3933

Цифра дня.

"Весенняя праздничная" викторина

Каждый третий участник получит по почте сувенир от нашего бюро переводов.

Советы по редактированию собственных текстов 404

Когда мы корректируем и редактируем свой собственный текст, мы склонны читать его так, как мы думаем, и пропускаем собственные опечатки и другие орфографические, грамматические и пунктуационные ошибки, а также проблемы с выбором слов и структурой предложения.

Мәтіндерді редакциялау және оқып түзету қызметтері 3334

Адамға өз қателіктерін емес, басқалардың қателіктерін байқау тән. Сондықтан тәуелсіз тұлғаның мәтінді тексеруі және редакциялауы өте құнды.

Proofreading and reconciliation check after text layout (Desktop Publishing) 765

During the process of layout some words and hyphenations can be lost, the order of words or segments of text can be disrupted.

We are looking for a native Korean speaker 752

A person with fluent Korean is needed for remote piecework. We are looking for a native speaker for proofreading of Korean texts / translations.

Translation from the Arabic language 552

Arabic is the second most spoken language in the world, conceding only to the Chinese language. For the East Arabic is as English for the whole world. Arabic is not only the language of the religion of millions of Muslims in the world, but it is also a very important part of culture, economy, politics, and especially mass media.

Proofreading in English 1061

The customers can be dissatisfied with the quality of the translation, but they are unable to estimate the quality by themselves and they want the translator to improve the text, to make it less awkward and formal, to shorten long expressions, to add some colloquial terms or, visa versa, to remove them from formal documents.

При чтении на арабском языке участвуют оба полушария мозга 2514

Исследование лингвистов из Университета Хайфы доказало, что человеческий мозг по-разному воспринимает тексты, написанные на различных языках. В частности, различия касаются того, как мозг обрабатывает графические знаки, используемые при написании. В случае арабского языка вовлекаются оба полушария мозга и, таким образом, стимулируется мозговая активность, что способствует всестороннему развитию интеллекта.

The Interpreters' Services At The Emergency Department 1740

The interpreters' services are requested quite often at the emergency department.

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